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    Happy birthday hatchet!!

    Happy birthday bud!
  2. Hotness

    Husky Liner Custom Molded Mud Guards

    Brand new in box. I have the following sets available: P/N 57281 02-05 Chevy Trailblazer Rear Set All submodels + 06 LS 2x P/N 56241 02-06 Chevy Trailblazer Front Set All submodels $25 Each PM me a zip code and I will let you know shipping cost. Paypal only, unless you are nearby then you...
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    200-126-1 Airaid Cold Air Intake Kit $200

    Brand new in box. Here is some info from airaid: Description: AIRAID Intake System; Cool Air Dam System Type; Incl. Intake Tube; Installs In 30 Minutes; Fits: BUICK RAINIER 2004-2005 L6 4.2L CHEVROLET TRAILBLAZER 2002-2005 L6 4.2L GMC ENVOY 2002-2005 L6 4.2L ISUZU ASCENDER...
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    Badlands Attica IN October 20th 2012

    If anyone is interested I will be at the Badlands Offroad Park in Attica Indiana on Saturday, October 20th 2012. I know it's short notice but my local 4x4 club is going. There will be around 15 jeeps and other various rigs and we will be there when they open at 8:00 AM. If anyone can make it...
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    Help with rack and pinion issue

    Hello, I was looking for some help with my new rack and pinion. I removed the old one and put the new one in without issue. The new one came with inner tie rods but I removed them to do the 2500 HD Tie rod upgrade. I'm also lifted with markmc steering extension. My problem is when I took it for...
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    Steering rack issue.

    I'm having problems with my rack and pinion. I was driving home and my power steering pump started making a horrible whine. I checked and it was nearly empty and what was in there was milky. I filled it up and started it and you can see bubbles in it. I drove for 5 mins and the noise came back...
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    Weird radio problem

    Hey guys, I'm having a strange issue I need help with. First off I have an 05' TB with Bose and Onstar. I replaced the Bose radio with a Kenwood DDX6019 three years ago with a GMOS adapter to keep the Onstar and chimes. The radio has been working fine until last weekend when i went offroading...
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    WTB: Trailblazer plastic grill crossbar

    I guess I will post this here until the classifieds are finished. As stated I need the plastic bar that goes through the headlights and grill on the front of the 02-06 trailblazers. I don't care what color or finish. Mine cracked in half from trying to remove it in the cold.:hissyfit: Every...
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    Firewall hole making

    I have several electronics that I needed to run through the firewall but never knew where a good spot would be to go thru or possibly drill. So as of right now they are all running thru driver door into fender. I know this isn't safe or very attractive so I was wondering if any of you knew of a...
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    Mobile skin issue

    Ok so I went in my settings and changed the skin from gmtnation-fluid to mobile just to see what it was. Now I can't change it back even when I log in on a computer instead of my phone. I don't want the mobile skin, I was just curious and now I'm stuck. Please help! Thank you

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