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  1. Pittdawg

    Just Traded in my Envoy

    Yes indeed. The only performance mod appears to be a tune but apparently just a simple tune really ups the power. The stock power is actually quite good (428 lbs/tq!) my only complaint, if you can call it that, is the delivery as there is a bit of turbo lag until abot 2000 rpms and then that...
  2. Pittdawg

    Just Traded in my Envoy

    Thanks man! I can't wait to start modding, never left any of my rides stock ;)
  3. Pittdawg

    Just Traded in my Envoy

    A 2014 Q5 TDI :celebrate:
  4. Pittdawg

    Just Traded in my Envoy

    After nearly five years of ownership and 100k miles, I traded in my Envoy yesterday. Really enjoyed the vehicle and interacting with the forum members over the years so this is a bit of a bittersweet goodbye. Thanks for all your tips and comments on my rig. Since I won't be visiting here much...
  5. Pittdawg

    future tire upgrade

    There are plenty of 17 inch options, not 16 inch though.
  6. Pittdawg

    future tire upgrade

    Ebay is your friend ;) Seriously, just do a search on ebay along the lines of "6x127 wheels" and you'll see a good amount of options are available.
  7. Pittdawg

    future tire upgrade

    There's plenty of aftermarket wheels with the offset you need. In fact, I have a barely used set if you're interested.
  8. Pittdawg

    best exhaust system

    I believe Magnaflow is the only manufacturer that actually posted a dyno of the gains and they are pretty good for the I6: However, the system is quite pricey so I opted to go just with a Magnaflow muffler. As long as you get their largest...
  9. Pittdawg

    NEED HELP 2008 Envoy SLE - Oil Life Monitor PID

    I bought my Envoy used at 38k miles and strictly followed the OLM for oil changes. I was somewhat concerned about the fact that on average the OLM didn't alert me an oil change was necessary until around 10k+ miles. At 70k miles, my engine blew a rod bearing. Fortunately, I was still in my...
  10. Pittdawg

    Estimated labour time

    Well warranty work is charged back to corporate so I'm sure the $966 is much cheaper than what they would have charged you directly.
  11. Pittdawg

    GM Special Coverage Program 14423

    Hmm...what are the tell tale symptoms of this?
  12. Pittdawg

    Flowmaster Super 44 / Electrical Exhaust Cutout - Complete

    Nice your ride gonna sound mean!
  13. Pittdawg

    My Acadia Denali Project

    Too bad. Happy appearance modding then!
  14. Pittdawg

    My Acadia Denali Project

    Any performance mods for these? I especially like the newer facelifted Denalis but a 3.6 liter V6 just doesn't sound like much fun in such a heavy vehicle. Don't understand why the 4.3 liter or even the 5.3 liter are not even options.
  15. Pittdawg

    Flowmaster Super 44 / Electrical Exhaust Cutout - Complete

    It is the 70 series but make sure and keep your stock resonator to cut down on the inevitable droning.
  16. Pittdawg

    Air box mod

    There was a dyno years ago on the old site which showed a larger gain of the Volant vs. the FIPK (it was like 14 rwhp vs. 7rwhp or something along those lines). Unfortunately I didn't save a copy of the dyno sheet. There is a reason the stock intake was designed with the filter in a closed box...
  17. Pittdawg

    Air box mod That setup just sucks in hot air with the filter essentially completely open to the heat coming off the engine, that flimsy "heat shield" won't do much of anything. Either modify the stock COLD air setup or go with an aftermarket system like Volant that is also a cold air intake setup.
  18. Pittdawg

    Project Race Utility

    Just replacing the spongy stock shocks did a lot for me. Later I added an aftermarket rear sway bar and am satisfied with the handling now. However, if you want to take corner at 60, you'll need to lower it.
  19. Pittdawg

    Head Swap vs. Porting

    The larger heads were responsible for the majority of the hp increase to 291. That's 16 more hp than yours add a tune to the heads and that's good for at least another 15 and now your at 306 from 275. Noticeable difference.
  20. Pittdawg

    Supercharged Trailblazer 4200 I6

    A proper tune takes care of this. Lower gears (i.e. 410s) and a ported throttle body transforms it into a stump puller.
  21. Pittdawg

    2007 Envoy Denali Suspension Ideas

    Most people interested in lowering their vehicles don't buy 4wd.
  22. Pittdawg

    4.2 question

    Pretty sure they were a factory option as the ones I bought from Randy's Ring & Pinion online indicated they were "OEM".
  23. Pittdawg

    taller tire on 17" wheel 2 wd Trailblazer

    I ran 265-65-17 on mine and while it was extremely close to the ball joint I never experienced any rubbing. However, mine wore prematurely in the center because in my opinion 265 is a bit too wide for the stock 7 inch wheels. Not sure if the lower sidewall ratio will help or hurt that...
  24. Pittdawg

    4.2 question

    I have 4.10s with the 8.0. Made a huge difference (started off with 3.42s), I love them.
  25. Pittdawg

    4.2 question

    I t I thinking he's asking what's commercially available. You can add headers to the list, one company (Kooks) makes them. You can also add ported and polished throttle bodies as a merchant on ebay sells them.
  26. Pittdawg

    Finally installed the 3" lift kit!

    What a tease!
  27. Pittdawg

    Had 4.56s installed, now getting C0035 and C0245 codes

    Have you talked to PCM of NC? They're very well versed in our platform.
  28. Pittdawg

    Had 4.56s installed, now getting C0035 and C0245 codes

    Your profile says 4.8 liter V8?
  29. Pittdawg

    Is this power steering pump noise normal?

    I'm worried I let my fluid go dry. On my way home from work there was a loud whining noise and then the power steering just went out on me...whilst traveling at speed on the freeway! A little scary. Had it towed to a shop last night and waiting on the diagnosis/prognosis now.
  30. Pittdawg

    taller tire on 17" wheel 2 wd Trailblazer

    That's the same specs for my tires and that's why I attribute the uneven wear to the tires being slightly too wide. Didn't have any problems with the stockers before these.

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