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    Stuck rack bolts

    HELP! 2009 Envoy SWB. Last st insp said rack was leaking and I needed to have fixed. Picked up a rack and after taking everything off EXCEPT the rack, it looks like it is the high pressure hose that is leaking. My problem is that the two bolts that hold the rack in place are absolutely stuck...
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    NEED HELP Liftgate electrical problems

    It all started with a defogger that did not work. Same thing happened on my 04, turned out to be a broken wire. Took a look but couldn't find anything. Didn't have time to mess with further. The next day I found that the rear wiper wasn't working either. Also the remote fob didn't seem to...
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    More oil pressure

    Yesterday, about 20 miles into a 55 mile trip to work the oil pressure light came on. The gauge read around 55-60, and yes I know it's kind of a dummy. Kept driving since no other codes, engine sounded OK. Coming back home, same thing. After about 24 miles, light came on but no codes, engine...
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    TC Motor

    What position should the TC motor shaft be in when in 2WD? Motor came with a plastic "key" holding it in position but I had to turn the shaft on the TC in order to install the motor. The "half moon" cutout on the motor was generally pointing to where the wiring entered. If I did not turn the...
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    Stuck in 4WD??

    Third owner of 09 Envoy SLE. 120K mi. About 4 wks ago, when in Vt, I need the 4WD. It seemed to go in and out slower than I remember my 04 Envoy did. Back home , cycling in and out in warmer weather, seemed to work OK. Then about 2 wks ago, just before I was going to drive to Vt again, it...
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    A different HVAC problem

    2004 I-6 SWB manual HVAC control. Everything worked correctly but I was really getting annoyed at having almost all lights on the control head out. Tried to take it apart but could not get the slider knobs off and almost destroyed them. Ordered a new Dorman? unit from Parts Geek, but got busy...

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