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  1. redmaro42

    FOR SALE Z71 Springs & NEW SHOCKS!

    Would you do $150 shipped for everything? zip is 49401
  2. redmaro42

    FOR SALE Z71 Springs & NEW SHOCKS!

    been trying to research if the shocks would work on the envoy with a markmc 3" lift but not having much luck getting an answer. Seems everyone does BDS, Bilstein, or FOX. Any idea how these perform with the lifted trucks?
  3. redmaro42

    FOR SALE Z71 Springs & NEW SHOCKS!

    are the shocks for a z71 as well or stock tb ones?
  4. redmaro42

    Engine and engine bay cleaning

    I always use a diluted simple green on all my engines, all look great. Pure simple green is indeed bad for on the engine, make sure to dilute it down 50/50.
  5. redmaro42

    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Plastidipped the gmc emblem white on the front to see how it would look painted, just temp, I like it, so will be painting it next
  6. redmaro42

    Gerbil21's - 05 Envoy Build

    what's the story behind the engine from your brother, are you building it up to swap into your envoy?
  7. redmaro42

    Plasti Dip vs Satin Paint

    I just used plastidip on my front grille GMC emblem to make it white. Tried doing black outline, it failed, so I peeled the black off. I wanted to do it to see what it would look like without a permanent change.
  8. redmaro42

    02-05 Exhaust Manifold versus 08-09 Exhaust Manifold

    interesting to hear, thanks for the followup and pics. Weird that it doesn't match up quite exactly, guess they figured they had to move the o2 sensor anyways so no use in reusing the same downpipe from previous years.
  9. redmaro42

    Any members near Detroit, MI willing to do me a favor?

    I'm in west michigan, Grand Rapids area if needed
  10. redmaro42

    2015 Midwest Meet

    any old threads where people say if they are from chi-town at all that it could get posted in?
  11. redmaro42

    What did you do to your GMT today?

    swapped out the winter snow tires and wheels for the summer wheels and tires :) Now to just detail the thing up after a nasty winter!
  12. redmaro42

    Plasti Dip vs Satin Paint

    I am gonna be plastidipping my GMC emblem white, but that is as far as I would go on a vehicle, just some badges and call it a day
  13. redmaro42

    2006 4.2 TB 4wd faster than 2008 4.2 TB 4wd?

    difference in throttle body opening rates between the computers and years maybe?
  14. redmaro42

    2015 Midwest Meet

    6/13-6/14 works for me, I have off the following week so no rush back lol
  15. redmaro42

    Sightings - Is this a GMTNation member? **Midwest**

    uh what the heck is the person ahead of the TB doing lol
  16. redmaro42

    What did you do to your GMT today?

    ordered up my 07+ rear wiper arm to replace my 04 arm that even after lubing doesn't wipe the whole window. So improve the looks and function by the upgrade. :biggrin:
  17. redmaro42

    Just a note of thanks.

    good to hear you found your answer, hopefully it was a simple fix and not temporary
  18. redmaro42

    Thermostat question

    failsafe versions are designed that when it fails it sticks wide open and allows coolant to flow through all the time. A normal t-stat can fail and not open at all and cause car to overheat.
  19. redmaro42

    Thermostat question

    195* or 180* thermostat? Failsafe version? Hi-flow version?
  20. redmaro42

    04 TB Cat Converter issues

    yup, do this to verify before throwing parts at it.
  21. redmaro42

    Exhaust Manifold Replacement - question on pipe to manifold removal

    yea that was a serious crack there. Good job on getting the job done in 6hrs. Must not have ran into any broken studs that needed to be extracted (pain in the rear!)
  22. redmaro42

    Turbo Up-pipes now on sale!

    fit the gmt platform or is this for retro fits?
  23. redmaro42

    Secondary Air Pump Block Off Cover

    thanks for the link to limeswaps!
  24. redmaro42

    Secondary Air Pump Block Off Cover

    already checked the dealer, it is a discontinued part, so no longer available.
  25. redmaro42

    New Build Starting

    mall rated
  26. redmaro42

    Secondary Air Pump Block Off Cover

    Looking for the block off plate for the secondary air pump system that bolts above the exhaust manifold on the passenger side. I am going to delete my air system to eliminate any chance of failure down the road, use HPtuners to delete the codes, and clean up the engine bay appearance at the same...
  27. redmaro42

    New Build Starting

    so what's the plans? lol
  28. redmaro42

    MidnyteRyder's build/mod

    Looking good. One suggestion would be to get the dorman radio replacement buttons for those worn out buttons. :biggrin: Other than that, the LEDs are coming along nicely.
  29. redmaro42

    Midwest Meet 2015 Location Poll

    dead even 4-4 lol
  30. redmaro42

    TBSS Rear is your friend for doing a search of junkyards in your area that may have one :)

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