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  1. corky

    Diy 50" light bar mounts

    So had some spare time and made some light bar brackets for a 50" curved light bar I bought and after experimenting with different locations I decided to mount them on the door pillars behind the window trim as I wanted the light to sit low on the windshield mostly for a cleaner look and to...
  2. corky


    So I don't know if this is common knowledge or just a perk of the 2003, but I've seen post for a quad light up grade but on my truck if you turn on the fog lights with the low beams when you hit the high beams the lows will stay on with no additional work. Of course if you don't have fog lights...
  3. corky

    tahoe 5100 springs

    does any one know the correct p/n for the 5100 tahoe springs. I got the impression from reading threads that there are a couple different lengths and can you get it in a variable rate spring.
  4. corky

    NEED HELP Automatic climate control

    So I can't find a lot of info on my problem, most of it doesn't apply. My a/c works find when the outside temp is in the 70s bit will work for only 10 to 20 minutes when it's above 80, the out side temp reads correctly, the little fan need my ear appears to be functioning, my freon press reads...
  5. corky

    Light bar wiring

    For those of you who have mounted light bars or lights to the top of your rig, where did you run the wiring or how did you, please show some pics if you can, thanks. Looking into fabbing some brackets for a light bar but was wondering if there where any clean wiring options. I like stuff to look...
  6. corky

    Aftermarket cowl hood

    So I finally splurged and bought the amerihood for the trailblazer, it was on sale for 521.00 and free shipping, came in a large box reasonably packed. I'm very pleased with the fit and quality, very well made for the price, has functional heat extractors on either side of the cowl and the cowl...
  7. corky

    NEED HELP Wheel spacers

    Since markmc is not selling lift parts anymore does anyone know we're I can get the 1.5 6x5 to 6x5.5 wheel spacers. I've seen some on line but are only 1.25 thick, thanks.
  8. corky

    2002 fuel filter

    I have the 05 and no that mine is in the tank but a friend of mine has an 02 trailblazer and lives about 200 miles from me. I thought hers would have the standard fuel filter mounted on the front of the tank but good ole jiffy lube said yhey didnt see one. Is it possible for her to have it in...
  9. corky

    idler pulley whining

    So about a month ago i started getting a slight whining noise from my truck. It sounded like a power steering pump low on fluid sound or maybe a tranny whine as it would raise and lower in pitch with acceleration. with all the rain and cold weather and lacking a garage i kind of put off the...
  10. corky

    new wheels

    Just got my new wheels today, now only have to wear out my new tires so that I can buy larger tires. Still got a Res delete to do and running boards. Does any body have an idea what my factory LT 17 in. Rims are worth?

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