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    Satellite internet questions.

    I did another speed test last night and the latency was 815ms! Oh well it still beats dial up.
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    Satellite internet questions.

    I don't remember exactly what the latency was but I do remember it was pretty high maybe 100+ms. I'll test it again this evening and get back to you. For us there is no cable tv service within 5 miles of our house and no plans of adding new lines anytime soon. The phone company has been...
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    Satellite internet questions.

    I think the 3 gig limit will be more than adequate for most of our online needs. The first day it was turned on my wife did Windows updates on our laptop and a couple of hours of surfing and we were down to I think 46% of our limit. With dial up we turned of the automatic updates because it was...
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    Satellite internet questions.

    Is anyone on here familliar with HughesNet Satellite internet service? My wife and I just recently got it and I was wondering how others liked it? Speeds are alot better than dial up but still not all that fast but what gets me is the limits per day. 3Gig per day sounds like alot but it gets...
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    Center tread wearing faster on all tires

    This thread has been kinda derailed with oil change and alignment stuff but to get back to the OP's original post, in my opinion, 30psi in your tires "may" still be too much pressure. On my ZR2 S-10 I run 31x10.50 Wrangler Duratracs at 15psi rear and 18psi front. If I pump them up to the...
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    4WD not working? Step inside.

    The 08 was parted out before I got to it but I found a TCCM out of an 05 and put it in, everything is working perfectly now. $50 and good as new, man what a savings. Thanks again for all the info and help.
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    4WD not working? Step inside.

    Awesome thanks very much for the help.
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    4WD not working? Step inside.

    First of all thanks to everyone for all the info and this wonderful site. My wifes 02 TB has no 4wd and thanks to this site I believe that the TCCM is the culprit.( Thanks to the Roadie's post of schematics in another thread I plan to double check the switch, power, and grounds with a meter to...
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    4.3 Engine help

    When I replaced mine it took me the better part of the day to pull everything off and clean it, then a couple of hours the next day to put it back together. You could possibly do it in a day but I was doing it by myself for the first time so I took my time and made sure I did it right. I bought...
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    speedo problem

    On my 98 S-10 the intake manifold gasket started leaking and caused it to almost drink anti freeze before I replaced it. It was leaking right under where the AC compressor mounts and running down the front of the motor while it was running. I've heard of it leaking to the inside of the motor and...
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    steering rack failure questions

    Just grasping at straws but did you get new tires with the new rims? Have you checked to see if anything is out of round by jacking it up and making sure you have the same contact area for a full rotation?
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    steering rack failure questions

    Have you tried doing a tire rotation to see if the vibration moves to the back of the vehicle and less from the steering?
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    Cargo cover.

    What if you used a modified turnbuckle to tighten the front dowel rod into place? If you cut a dowel rod in half and modify something like this. 110792975968 By cutting the "eyes" off where the threads start then drill a pilot hole in the dowel rods just smaller than the turnbuckle bolt threads...
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    When should I change my oil?

    I go by the OLM on my wifes TB which averages out to be about once a year. My S-10 gets changed about every 5,000 miles. The only reason I change it more often is the 4.3L motors are notorious for blowing intake manifold gaskets so keeping the oil changed makes me keep an eye on other fluids as...

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