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  1. SnowBlazer

    FOR SALE Hitch Cover GM 12498324

    Saw on one of the SS Facebook pages, GMT360 trailer hitch covers, they look awful for the price they are asking, but maybe a few of here wouldn't mind the look...just thought I'd share since they seem to be a hot commodity! :D...
  2. SnowBlazer

    WANTED Interior Door Handle and Trim

    Hey all! My drovers side door handle trim piece flew off yesterday as I got out of my car. Looks as if one of the previous owners hot fluid the trip back together as all the tabs on both the handle and the trim are broken off. So I'm looking for the whole drivers side handle assembly. If anyone...
  3. SnowBlazer

    Lego Batmobile is real according to Chevrolet

    Just saw a commercial for the Lego Batmobile. Confused as to what I really wasn't paying attention to, I googled it and Chevy has a page that is dictated to the Lego Batmobile, resembling the pages that you'd land on if you were going to build a GM vehicle. Glad GM has a sense of humor!! :smile...
  4. SnowBlazer

    WANTED Summit white mouldings

    Thinking of keeping my truck deracked but I'm staying in the salt belt and would like to cover the holes where my roof rack was. If anyone has summit white mouldings, let me know!
  5. SnowBlazer

    I MADE IT!!!!!

    Afternoon gentleman! Just saying whats up, and making sure everyone is doing swell as I've been in Air Force basic training!! What's new? Missed y'all!! (Kyle please dont delete this :rotfl: )
  6. SnowBlazer

    How much to ask for my truck?

    Hey guys! I've been taking care of some housekeeping things before I leave for Air Force Basic Training and one thing that always stumps me is how much I should ask for my Trailblazer in the case of selling. I'd love to keep it but if I'm stationed somewhere where it doesn't snow, I really don't...
  7. SnowBlazer

    NEED HELP Popping.

    Hey guys. Yesterday morning I noticed a very loud pop coming from what sounds like the passenger side or the middle of the truck. It doesn't always pop but seams more prevalent when I hit bumps on the left side. Could it be a wheel bearing or a ball joint? I checked the ball joints when doing...
  8. SnowBlazer

    NEED HELP UCA fitment issue

    Hey guys. I'm trying to replace my UCA'S and I'm stuck on the first one (passenger side). I got the old one off but now I'm running into issues with the new one. I can not for the life of me get the new upper control arm in. Does anyone have any tricks? I'm so frustrated once again at this...
  9. SnowBlazer

    Thumping when hitting bumps

    Hey y'all. The other day, I replaced my OEM shocks and coils with the z71 suspension. Ever since I'm getting this thumping sound whenever I hit a bump in the road. It sounds like it is coming from the passenger side. Could it be the shocks toping out? I don't have any pucks in the rear so I...
  10. SnowBlazer

    How do you wash your GMT?

    We have every other thread you can imagine here and I guess curiosity killed the cat with this one. I'm curious to see who uses what method and why. For me, I go to the coin wash and use my debit card, unlimited time. I mainly only use the water and foam based items. I only use the brush on my...
  11. SnowBlazer

    Brake upgrade questions

    Hey guys. I am down to the wear bars on my front brakes. While searching for new brakes, I found a set of EXT BrakeMotive brakes that come with brackets, rotors and pads. My question being, is this all I need to run EXT brakes? Or will I need to find some stuff ant Pull&Pay? I figure to do the...
  12. SnowBlazer


    What's going on guys? Looking to trade my Hella rare, Hella dope, Hella clean, North Face roof lights. I know what I have in my hands and won't let these go cheap. If you have anything cool for our trucks, hit me up, I'm looking to trade. :smile:
  13. SnowBlazer

    Anyone need any parts from the junk yard?

    I'm going to be going down to U Pull & Pay today or Tuesday so post down below if you need anything! Ryan
  14. SnowBlazer

    Will these speakers fit?

    Hi guys! After much research, and real world listening at Best Buy, I picked up these JBL speakers from Ebay for 60 a pair. My question is, will I need to mod anything or pick up any extra parts? I remember Paul sayimg he has these in the fronts, but I'm looking to do all 4. Also, my prelude...
  15. SnowBlazer

    Will this work on the Snowblazer?

    What's good y'all. I found a bunch of rare stuff in the yard today that I'll be bringing home. My question is, will this rear brush guard off an 04 XLT work on my 02 SWB? If so, I'll add it to the wheelbarrow lol.
  16. SnowBlazer

    No 4×4

    Hey all. I had a "service 4×4" light come on a few weeks ago and thought nothing of it. Restarted the truck and it went away. Cool. Just a little hiccup. Today, I was pulling our of the driveway and my 2hi light blinked for a good 15 seconds and turned off. I shut down the truck and everything...
  17. SnowBlazer

    FOR SALE FREE Drivers Side Blinker Mirror

    FS Drivers side blinker mirror with clear lens, brand new, never installed. Doesn't come with back cover, sold as is. Free to a good home, just pay shipping. :smile: Ryan
  18. SnowBlazer

    FOR SALE 07 SWB V8

    Obviously not mine, I just stumbled upon it this morning. Not sure what they are asking but it's definitely a rare find indeed. 2007 Trailblazer LT (black) Short wheelbase V8 with a brush guard. Located in Pueblo, Colorado.
  19. SnowBlazer

    NEED HELP Wiring Halos

    You guys know of a good place to wire halos? I've thought about an add a fuse to #32 in the front fuse box so ideally they will come on with the headlights but I'm not sure if that'll work. I don't want them always running and don't want to run a switch just for these little guys. Thanks guys! Ryan
  20. SnowBlazer

    NEED HELP PCM Questions

    Hey guys...looking at swapping PCM's today and had some questions before I screw everything up. These questions are as follows... When I watched May03Lt's video it said that a donor PCM from eBay would require extra steps compared to PCMofNC's loaner. Is this true? Will I need to perform the...
  21. SnowBlazer

    FOR SALE Ascender Tails For Voy

    These are not mine but I did find them on eBay. I know these are very hard to find and worth the asking price to the right person and they won't last long. :tiphat:
  22. SnowBlazer

    Jobs for the youngins

    I posted this before the site went down for maintenance a couple weeks back and I think it got lost in the shuffle. Nonetheless, my new year's resolution for 2016 is to get a better job. Somewhere where I am more happy and like waking up in the morning. I really would like to get out of the...
  23. SnowBlazer


    I have my OEM headunit without any imperfections that I want gone. Make me an offer. You pay shipping. Might be interested in a trade. Let me know.
  24. SnowBlazer

    Front struts what to buy?

    Hey y'all! When tax season rolls around, I'm going to have new shocks installed as my KYB ones are getting a little chatty. My question here is: what's going to be the easiest and most cost effective way of doing this? Should I get a whole new shock, coil, and mount assembly or just get coil and...
  25. SnowBlazer

    WANTED Ditch Light Brackets

    Hey y'all. Surprised no one has attempted this but would anyone have thr desire to fab up some Ditch Lights for our platform? I think they would be an easy addition for anyone who doesnt have fogs or who wants a little more light but not wanting to put an led bar on their rig. Heres a pic of...
  26. SnowBlazer

    NEED HELP T-Case & Headlight switch lights out

    Hey y'all. Just noticed that my T-Case and headlight indicator lights stopped working. There are no codes so I'm assuming a fuse popped on me. Anyone know which fuse it could be? Ryan
  27. SnowBlazer

    Switch box for aux lighting

    Hey y'all! In the near future, I'll need to buy a switch box for my aux lighting since I'm thinking about adding lights on the roof and fogs. My dilemma is, I don't want to have a bunch of those cheap China switches lined up to control my lighting. I would rather have a police style box that's...
  28. SnowBlazer

    eBay Listing Clear Corner Trailblazer Headlights

    I have these Speed Daddy headlights and they are very well constructed and have clear corners/markers! Check em out! Link:
  29. SnowBlazer

    Putting CV axle back on

    So last night my CV axle fell apart. My buddy and I tried putting it back together and it keeps falling out. Does anyone have a trick for it to stay on? Here's a pic...
  30. SnowBlazer

    Annoying Window Rattle

    Hey all. Ever since I got my tint, my front drivers window has rattled. It doesn't seem that loose but on every litte bump it shakes and rattles. It seems as if it comes from the lower left side of the window. Is this normal? Ryan

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