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  1. xavierny25

    Passenger side upper control arm frame bolt.

    This past weekend after replacing the front upper ball joints I came across a bit of an issue. I was pushing in all new grease into all the zurk fitting aswell as checking if any bolts may of come loose over time. When I got to the upper on the passenger side I noticed that the nut welded to the...
  2. xavierny25

    WANTED Driver side rear door lock actuator assembly.

    After looking around online for a replacement and seeing the ridicules prices on this part I figured I'd ask around on here and see if maybe someone is parting out or has a parts truck and might be willing to ship it out to me. I've even called local yard and everyone is asking upwards of $100...
  3. xavierny25

    FOR SALE Envoy hitch cover

    Listed on ebay for anyone who has been looking for 1. I wouldn't pay $100 for it but its good the seller left it open for offer.
  4. xavierny25

    FOR SALE Full set(front & rear) powder coated rebuilt TBSS brake calipers and brackets.

    So here is what I have to offer. I have the complete set of front and rear calipers and brackets that came from my brother-in-law's SS. He recently had a set powder coated by my brother and installed by me with a full refresh of all new parts. Color samples: theres way more but your best bet...
  5. xavierny25

    Play in the driver side of the rack

    After beating up the outer tie rod ends with removal and installation of the new lower control arms I choose to replace both parts the inner and outer. I ran into an issue with play on the inner most part of the rack on the driver side. I've been chasing and eliminating all the knocks, vibration...
  6. xavierny25

    Gmc Syclone

    I was a big fan of the syclone and typhoon when I was growing up. I'm glad they brought them back. I had a chance to purchase 1 way back then but it had a cracked block and they where known to do that.
  7. xavierny25

    Fuel injector clearance at RA

    I'm about to pull the trigger on this purchase.,2008,envoy,4.2l+l6,1441131,fuel+&+air,fuel+injector,6224 I plan on replacing the intake gasket on the Voy at some time this spring and since the injector rail will be right in my face I might aswell swap...
  8. xavierny25

    Fog lights stay on after turning off.

    So I've been running a set of LEDs in my fogs for the past year or so. A while back when I had my fuel pump fiasco my fogs stayed turned on no matter if the key was in, started the truck or off and armed with the factory fob. At the time I just pulled the fuse and kept them off that way. Know I...
  9. xavierny25

    FOR SALE Cluster lens

    This is the lens cluster from my original gauges on the envoy. I screwed up the gauges and had to buy a complete replacement. I figured someone with a trailblazer or others may want to upgrade to this 1 with the silver around the gauges. Not sure if it matters but this is for units with dic...
  10. xavierny25

    Whistles while I brake.

    I touched on this issue about 1yr and a half ago maybe longer. In warmer weather when pressing down on the brake I'd get a horn style sound coming from the driver side foot well. I didn't think much about as it didn't happen all the time or in colder weather. Today while my wife was on her way...
  11. xavierny25

    NEED HELP New fuel pump in and now a whole new problem.

    Hey guys, So I replaced my fuel pump today. Took me sometime to do it because the tank was full and I brought it down and back up with a full tank. Not fun at all. After I was done and reconnected the battery I saw the driver side marker was on and my led fogs flicker. I went to the cabin...
  12. xavierny25

    Silverado military truck
  13. xavierny25

    HVAC actuator noise

    Hey guys I'm just try to get an idea as to which actuator is making all this racket. It doesn't happen all the time but it's getting more frequent and only happens when the system is set to auto at what ever temp I set it to. Once I lower the fan speed to get out of auto mode it goes away.
  14. xavierny25

    [SOLD] 18" Chevy Trailblazer stock wheels.

    Just want to see if there is any interest here for these wheels. They are currently installed on my envoy as I have my stock 18" gmc wheels refinished. They will NOT be sold with tires or tpms. $550 or best offer. If you have something I may need offer up ,you never know.
  15. xavierny25

    From 3:42 to 4:10 worth it?

    Got a good deal on a used set of diffs from a 06 tbss and I wondering if it's worth switching it out? Also what else Id have to do to make it work on my Voy? I know a retune is a definte.
  16. xavierny25

    Member Birthday shout outs....

    I know we used to do something similar but I figured I'd turn it into it's own thread. Mod's adjust if need be. Happy birhday shout out today to @Blckshdw :2thumbsup:
  17. xavierny25

    Google read. What are your thoughts? This came up on my phone so I figured I'd share. What do you guys have to to say? I...
  18. xavierny25

    NEED HELP Tb SS transmission replacement.

    Hey guys along with all the other crap I got going on my brother-in-law calls me this morning that his tranny went out on him last night. He had it towed to his house and now we are on the hunt for a rebuilt tranny. I'll be doing the replacement myself along with him and his brother. I just...
  19. xavierny25

    Lift gate automatically locks

    This is happening on my brother-in-laws 2008 tbss mileage is about 70k. When triggered via the door or key fob after 30 seconds the tail gate will automatically lock. If I'm able to open it before the 30 sec. And have it in the open position we would here a clicking sound (as if i was hitting...
  20. xavierny25


    Brand new never used in original box PAC SWI-RC . For those who may not know what this is it's the steering wheel interface for many aftermarket headunits to your factory steering wheel. $25 takes it +shipping or I'll trade name what you may have.
  21. xavierny25

    Passenger door electrical gremlin

    This has happened before but while shopping on black Friday it really got to me. Start the voy everything is fine drive around to the front of the house to pick up the wife she opens and as soon as the passenger doors closes the radio shuts down completely. I can't turn it on with the radio...
  22. xavierny25

    Brake pedal noise

    I have had this going on for about 3 weeks or so. when I apply a certain pressure on the brake pedal I get the most annoying noise in side the cabin of my voy. I did my brakes last year at some time.(brakes,fluid,rotors the works all of it) A few day ago I changed out the vacuum booster check...
  23. xavierny25

    WANTED Trailblazer bowtie's

    Hey guys I'm on the hunt for a set of bowtie badges for the hood and tailgate of my brother-in-laws 08 tbss. I'm looking for a set in aluminum or metal as I will be powder coating these to match a project we have going on. If anyone knows where I can purchase these as a set please let me know...
  24. xavierny25

    Projector retrofit on a budget

    Yes guys I'm doing a retro on the cheap. First I picked up a set of xentec hid's off ebay with the 9006 and there on my stock set up now $30. I also picked up a set of h1 hids bulbs for the retro so I can just swap out connection $9. Then I did some searching on amazon for a set of projectors...
  25. xavierny25

    FOR SALE bose factor dash speakers

    I got these out of my brother in laws tbss with only 50000 miles on the dash. There in great shape. Open to offers and don't forget shipping.
  26. xavierny25

    FOR SALE sway bar bushings

    I have a set of ac delco sway bar bushings. These are for the thinner bar unlike my 08 envoy with the thick bar. Anyone interested should cross refrence the part #. Gm did put 3 different sway bars on the 360 line. Not sure what they cost me so name your price and do include shipping.
  27. xavierny25

    Lower Ball Joints - SOLD

    I got a new set of mevotech supreme lower control arm ball joints for sale. I don't need them any longer since I ended up doing full control arms on my voy. $30 + shipping takes them both.
  28. xavierny25

    FOR SALE miscellaneous car audio

    $60 brand new head unit Sony cdx-gt540ui $100 brand new 4 channel amp.kicker zx350.4 $80 2 channel amp. Rockford fosgate punch p200-2. $90 5.25" brand new component speakers. Kicker ks502 None of the prices are set in stone so all offers we be considered. Shipping will be added according...
  29. xavierny25

    FOR SALE Bose c.d radio head unit.

    It's been sitting in my storage unit for 3 yrs so it's time to go. It's in almost new condition. Everything works and I also have the bose amp to go with it. I'm taking offers.
  30. xavierny25

    sony xav602bt headunit with galaxy note 3 phablet. Help

    Hey guys hope all is well and heres my issue. So I got my head unit(sony xav602bt) in and installed about 3 weeks ago. I know that my note 3 is not compatible for mirror link thus far but what I have been trying to do is get my phone to mirror onto the unit using a few thing I know should work...

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