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  1. SnowBlazer

    GM might be forced into a new Trailblazer

    Highly doubtful at least in my opinion. GM isn't as daring as they once were, like having an SS versions of almost every model back in 09. Heck, GM doesn't have anything competing with Ford's ST lineup or even MOPAR's SRT lineup.
  2. SnowBlazer

    MarkMC 2.5 Lift Photo Request

    Mine with 2.5
  3. SnowBlazer

    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Put insurance back on her and took her to Sam's
  4. SnowBlazer

    SOLD! 2008 GMC Envoy Denali 4WD

    Shoot I'd give you 10k of you'd deliver to Oklahoma City
  5. SnowBlazer

    FOR SALE 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer North Face VUS / Trade welcome

    Gotta light it up like a Christmas tree. :rotfl:
  6. SnowBlazer

    FOR SALE 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer North Face VUS / Trade welcome

    Both the headrests and lights hold a bit of value. I got lucky and found both at a Pull and Pay yard. I've been approached to ship lights off to make copies but I'll just sit on them until someone comes along that really wants em. I will say that the EXT and SWB have different roof racks, thus...
  7. SnowBlazer

    Review My Build Plan?

    That's the exact setup I've got if you'd like to look at my build thread. Mine sits level without the rear spacer blocks, you can put them in if you want to make the lift more noticeable. It'll bring a little if the rake back since the back will be higher but I've thought about it. Good luck!
  8. SnowBlazer

    Daily Driving Lifted Trailblazer?

    265/75/16 Ko2s. I do have wheel spacers as well. My initial intent was to be able to daily it so I went with a mild set up. If I had to do it over, I'd get Mark's 3" kit just because they .5" difference is noticable.
  9. SnowBlazer

    Daily Driving Lifted Trailblazer?

    Here's my 02 I daily. My commute is 25 miles each way, highway. I complain a lot about filling up weekly but I also don't have highway tires on it. Marks 2.5 front with bilsteins and Z71 Tahoe Springs and shocks in the rear
  10. SnowBlazer

    The Holden Ute Should've Been Sold in North America

    You do know that's built on a trailblazer platform...
  11. SnowBlazer

    Legit Turn Signal Mirrors

    I have a pair I got on eBay for around $120. The driver's side shakes a bit on the highway but I've seen on the forums that it happens a lot even in the highest quality mirrors. At the end of the day, the shaking doesn't really bother me as my eyes are focused on what's in head of me not...
  12. SnowBlazer

    Front Hub Greaser

    is it this?
  13. SnowBlazer

    TB Cargo Basket?

    I have a pair sitting in my car. Never had the heart to sell them.
  14. SnowBlazer

    Cost/Price of Lifting Trailblazer and Other Parts Needed

    Mine is leveled...see my build for specifics, but the route I took was the most economical IMO. Here's a quick rundown of what everything generally ran me... Spacers: $225 2.5 Lift: $165 Bilstein 24-103336: $66x2 (RE-USED STOCK SPRINGS) Z71 rear springs and shocks: $100 from GMTN member...
  15. SnowBlazer

    FOR SALE Hitch Cover GM 12498324

    Saw on one of the SS Facebook pages, GMT360 trailer hitch covers, they look awful for the price they are asking, but maybe a few of here wouldn't mind the look...just thought I'd share since they seem to be a hot commodity! :D...
  16. SnowBlazer

    WANTED Interior Door Handle and Trim

    That;s what I ended up doing. I've noticed the chrome stuff often is snagged first by the salvage yard vultures as no one really wants the ugly plastic stuff. Easier to save time and money I suppose.
  17. SnowBlazer

    WANTED Interior Door Handle and Trim

    Haven't been to one down here. But yeah, all the tabs and receivers are broken. So I'll need a whole new assembly. But yea not a bad option really
  18. SnowBlazer

    WANTED Interior Door Handle and Trim

    Hey all! My drovers side door handle trim piece flew off yesterday as I got out of my car. Looks as if one of the previous owners hot fluid the trip back together as all the tabs on both the handle and the trim are broken off. So I'm looking for the whole drivers side handle assembly. If anyone...
  19. SnowBlazer

    2019 Chevrolet Blazer

    GM took a nosedive when they pretty much scratched the SS line from their thoughts after 2009 model years. To the younger aged market, like myself, they are failing miserably. Ford has the ST & RS Focus and ST Fiesta. Mopar has the whole RT/SRT line up...what does GM offer? An RS package that's...
  20. SnowBlazer

    What made you choose your GMT360

    Mine was my grandfather's. Always garaged and kept clean. He passed away four years ago. I needed a car for high school since I was doing concurrent enrollment through the local college. My grandmother told me and my cousins, the first one with $3500 gets it. It had 95k when I got it. Granted, I...
  21. SnowBlazer

    WANTED ISO.... door molding for 02 TB

    Our trucks look so much better without moldings. I've never seen them with chrome other than on the voys and that's more of a brushed nickel. Check out eBay. They have a could just buy the most popular grey plastic ones and paint them yourself if you're so inclined.
  22. SnowBlazer

    FOR SALE 2002 Trailblazer part out

    @HARDTRAILZ bought what was left. Sparky no longer has the truck
  23. SnowBlazer

    SOLD! *SOLD* Envoy Denali Front Bumper ($300)

    Location is always helpful
  24. SnowBlazer

    FOR SALE 2002-2003 Front Swaybar Polyurethane Bushings

    I might be interested for my 02. Gotta see if I have the big bar or small bar.
  25. SnowBlazer

    FOR SALE Parting out: 2002 TB EXT

    Unsurprisingly, I do need one. :rotfl:
  26. SnowBlazer

    FOR SALE Parting out: 2002 TB EXT

    How's that console lid? : Rotfl:
  27. SnowBlazer

    whats under the hood?

    @BlazingTrails is his name. He used to be one of the most active users on here but has since found other things to do. He is crazy about his truck and talked heavily about the swap for years. His build pictures are broken sadly as well. He has the cleanest 4.2 (now swapped) GMT360 I've seen.
  28. SnowBlazer

    Happy Birthday SnowBlazer

    Thanks everyone! My girlfriend made it one of the best even if I only had 3 drinks before crashing at 1030 pm :rotfl:
  29. SnowBlazer

    Happy Birthday SnowBlazer

    Welp decided to drop a few bucks on some brews I've been dying to try since I left for the Air Force....finally 21!!!!

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