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    Biggest tire without wheels spacers

    Hey guys. Got new tires today. 255/70/17 BFG KO2s. No lift. No spacers. Just plastic trimming and my aftermarket bumper. Thought I'd let you guys know that they do fit for any future questions!
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    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Replaced my blown speakers in my rear doors. 1.5 hours of tinkering around, and 65 bucks for a pair of kicker 6.5" replacements and they sound great. Was able to quickly search an old trailvoy forum for wire diagrams :)
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    Liftmeister Page Dead??

    Damn, I was going to finish my build this spring with my tax return. Without the liftmeister lift, looks like this will be my route. Thanks for the info guys!
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    Hauling a jet ski

    Took the skis out again, same set up. Smaller one in the rig, 3 seater on the trailer. I'd go as far to say this is a safe and efficient way to haul the 2 of them. No bounce in the lift-gate, and no movement of the smaller ski.
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    Hauling a jet ski

    A little update: the ski fit just barely. the handlebars didn't clear so we stuck the ass end in first and ratchet strapped it all down. For the drive home, I had the lift gate closed almost all the way, using some bungee straps. When i took it out to the water today along with the single...
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    Hauling a jet ski

    It's a 1988 yamaha 500. I've always been a kawasaki guy, and would have liked a 700, but I found this one on craigslist and the price is right so I'm going to look at it today.
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    Hauling a jet ski

    okay thanks for the input! yeah eventually i'll bite the bullet and buy a double trailer and then sell my single one. I will only be traveling 60 miles with the lift-gate open, if i can't close it with the ski in it. The measurements are very close, but i'm hoping to jam it in at an angle toward...
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    Hauling a jet ski

    Hey guys. I'm hopefully picking up a 1 person jet ski tomorrow. I already have a 3 seater ski that I tow on a single trailer. I'm hoping to put the stand up ski in the back of the tb. The dimensions are really close, I should have about 2 inches of wiggle room. Has anyone ever put a ski in the...
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    Biggest tire without wheels spacers

    Thanks guys!
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    Biggest tire without wheels spacers

    So I've researched this for quite some time and can't find a clear answer. Everyone knows 30.5" is the safe tire size, but i'm really trying for ground clearance without wheel spacers bc I don't want the added strain on my suspension. Can anyone confirm if 255/70/17s fit stock? I've already cut...
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    NEED HELP Interior LED Lights

    Yeah same problem here man. I've had mine installed for 4 months and mine even flicker occasionally. I've replaced the license plate bulbs numerous times and they still flicker. But yeah, only full brightness when door is open.
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    FOR SALE Bumper

    Still available.
  13. xxchadallacxx

    Picture request

    Local shop here in town called elite tire. He told me I couldn't run a 10 ply tire. Wouldn't even sell me the k02s in 245/70. I went with nitto grappler g2 ATs, and i like them, i just wish he would have sold me the 265s i wanted. Oh well, another year or so and I'll do the lift and get bigger...
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    How many miles have you got on your GMT

    121k on my 07 tb ls 4.2 vortec. Bought this rig because my dad's 2002 Silverado 5.3 vortec has 320k miles on it with all original parts. 1st engine, tranny, everything. Only replaced the fuel filter and shocks. Chevy Runs deep.
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    Picture request

    Wheel spacers. Yeah I bought stock size all terrains because the guy at the shop wouldn't sell me the K02s I wanted because our rig "can't run load range E" tires... so I got 35k miles left before I can get bigger tires.

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