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    TPMS confusion

    My ODB scanner does not do that. I'm thinking about purchasing a $110 TPMS scanner that will though.
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    TPMS confusion

    My scanner appears to show problems with all four sensors. Considering they were replaced with aftermarket sensors in 2017 do you think the most likely explanation is that all four sensors went bad as opposed to another explanation? My scanner is communicating via the odb II port and is not...
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    TPMS confusion

    2008 Trailblazer. Several months ago, my TPMS light came on despite my tire pressure being good. Its starts by blinking and then goes solid. I have reset the error codes and they come back a day a later. My autel scanner appears to show that all the sensors are relaying data but I'm still...
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    Suggestions on new rear shocks

    2008 Trailblazer, I put on Monroe Reflex shocks from Advance Auto Parts in 2015 for $87. I thought they were decent. I recently replaced them 28,000 miles later with Bilsteins from RockAuto for $147 for the pair. The Bilsteins are better and worth the extra money although I don't have any...
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    2008 Trailblazer O2 Sensor Success, Rust Belt

    I had some struggles with removing the upstream O2 sensor even after reading how others on this forum had successes and failures, so I wanted to share my experience. 2008 Trailblazer, 92,000 miles all in Maine and Michigan. Original sensor. The sensors was operating good but I thought with the...
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    Help with engine noise, video included

    And just a follow up to this. My one year old Walker Quiet Flow muffler is going in for a warranty repair one year after install because it has a 12" leak in it along the top to bottom seam. My local shop found it after chasing down a noise I had only when accelerating which turned out to be...
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    SOLVED! Grinding in the front right.

    Could be the dust shield. I cut both of mine off because one kept grinding
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    2008 TB 4WD SWPS

    Does anyone know what the difference is between 26104070 and 19150081 and what one I might need? There is about a $20 difference between the two. I have a 08 TB 4WD 4.2. I looked at the build codes on the placard in the glove compartment, I do not see that I have a "NP7" code although I do...
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    Changing spark plugs.

    Sorry but not really sorry for bumping this thread. I took many of pointers in this thread and had no problems doing the spark plug change on my 08 TB, 85,000 miles, rust belt. The Gearwrench swivel spark plug socket was awesome and I don't think I could have done the job without it. Finally...
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    Trailblazer ABS codes C0035 and C0245

    I cleared the codes out on Saturday and after a couple trips and maybe 70 miles, they have not returned. I'm certain the steering wheel position sensor code will return, but it would be nice if the ABS codes do not. I'm wondering if when I cleaned the throttle body and removed a few fuses to...
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    Help with engine noise, video included

    The muffler was replaced with a Walker Quiet Flow. I will have to keep an eye on mileage. Thank you for pointing that out!
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    Trailblazer ABS codes C0035 and C0245

    Its a 2008 with 86,000. Aftermarket hub assembly at 45,000. I haven't noticed any bearing noise or low speed abs activation. I will likely pull the sensor and do some cleaning.
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    Trailblazer ABS codes C0035 and C0245

    I just finished cleaning the throttle body and ran the ODBII for codes and it shows C0035, C0245 and C0455. I'm not surprised about the C0455 as it is the steering position sensor and I occasionally get the Stabiltrak light because of this. Perhaps one day I will change the steering position...
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    Help with engine noise, video included

    Solution: New muffler. I was very close to throwing parts at my problem starting with a new power steering pump. My annual state inspection was due and before they would give me a sticker, they wanted a new end link and a new muffler. They said I had holes in my muffler. Anyhow, I did the...
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    Help with engine noise, video included

    I did also hear the slight groan you mentioned separate from the chirp. The groan is not something I have noticed before as I have been regularly hearing the chirp. As suggested I had my wife turn the wheel back and forth and it does not reduce or increase the chirping. I am almost certain the...

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