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    Tahoe/Yukon/Escalade Hybrid

    My next door neighbor had the Tahoe version and that thing was in the shop in constantly . He had it for 2 years and then he had enough and traded it for Toyota Sequoia .
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    Longevity of the 4.2 and 4l60e

    Yeah if you live in the rust belt you can count on the transmission cooler lines and the power steering cooler lines and cooler to start leaking and having to be replaced .
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    Metal lines 2008 Ascender RWD 4.2

    Next to the battery tray under that stupid rubber isolator they used , but I had them check the cooler and they said it looked like it was in rough shape . So it didnt make much sense to fix that leak and then have the cooler bite the dust shortly .
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    Metal lines 2008 Ascender RWD 4.2

    Well we will see how the repair lasts . We decided to bypass the PS cooler because that was shot . They said they have done this on a lot on this platform . They said they have never had a problem with any of them overheating so opted with that . $300 versus almost $1000 if they had...
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    Metal lines 2008 Ascender RWD 4.2

    I hope it isnt a 1000 bucks . Dont need that on top of xmas bills too . Will find out tuesday .
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    Metal lines 2008 Ascender RWD 4.2

    There is 2 metal lines that run up and over the driver side wheelwell . What are these lines ? I am seeing a sheen on the ground and it looks like it may be coming from these 2 lines where there is a foam separator on the wheelwell and it looks like it has rusted out in this area...
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    Temperature gauge goes inop p0128

    It was the thermostat . Replaced the stat and had them flush the coolant and reset the codes . Coolant levels were fine before all this . This has fixed the issue . Gauge is working again and reading right up at the middle mark on the guage, heat is great . I have taken it for 3 longer...
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    Temperature gauge goes inop p0128

    Ran across this so I think it is the stat first , , If you get a P0128 code AND the temperature gauge is dead, head right for the thermostat. When a thermostat goes bad on a GM vehicle, the PCM sets a...
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    Temperature gauge goes inop p0128

    2008 Ascender , . No CEL currently . Temp gauge will go to zero at times and getting a P0128 at the same time . I find it interesting that the stat could cause this to happen . If that is the case it must be some stupid ECU programming that says when you see this code shut off the...
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    2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer

    you are being way too sensible with ideas like that . :2thumbsup:
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    New "Pseudo" Blazer to get SS badge

    OOOh , a yellow Equinox. How original .
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    First look... 2021 TrailBlazer

    Thats what we all were waiting for but Barra likes these puny CUV's that are all the same or wasting their money on EV's that few people will buy .
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    Are tunes being outlawed?

    If they did this then I guess they would have to get rid of remote start too as that is just wasting gas and adding CO2 .
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    First look... 2021 TrailBlazer

    What a slap in the face of a great former vehicle. They couldn't have done something smart and make it based on the Colorado truck where they would have sold a ton of them . After seeing this glad I bought my new 2020 Durango . I had (still have) an 08 Ascender and i loved that thing...
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    looks like i have a transmission oil leak

    Transmission cooler lines. Just had mine done a little while ago . If you have someone do it you are looking at $300-400 . Its inevitable if you live in the rust belt where they salt heavily .

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