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    04 LS to 06+ LT grille conversion

    You could use the LS headlights with the LT bumper if you can find an SS grille. The cutout in the bumper is the same as the LT, but it has the bar that goes through the headlights like the LS. This is how the LT facelift should've looked from the factory in my opinion.
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    LT bumper cover vs. LS bumper cover

    The '06+ LT bumper has a cutout in the middle that the grille dips into like the Envoy, TBSS, and Ascender so an LS bumper, which is flat on top wouldn't fit without swapping the grille and headlights for the LS ones.
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    Do envoy headlights fit the Isuzu Ascender

    I can verify that Envoy headlights work perfectly on the Ascender. I have a pair of Envoy headlights that I swap to from time to time. The mounting points and wiring are all the same. The taillights physically fit, but the connectors are wired differently and the Envoy taillights don't have...
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    I remember seeing a tire size calibration option in my Tech 2. It's under "Chassis" for my '04 Ascender and '04 Rainier. It lets you pick from a list of wheel and tire options from 12" to 24" if I recall correctly. This menu is from a Saab 9-3, but the GMT360 menu looks the same minus the tire...
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    Fan upgrade

    There's an FSR radiator for the TBSS that should fit the 5.3 but every aftermarket radiator for the 4.2 seems to be identical to the stock one. The only difference seems to be that the lower hose connection is on the passenger side on the V8s.
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    Fan upgrade

    The EV fan clutches are slightly larger than the thermal ones and they also have a wiring harness that clips onto the right side of the fan shroud. The brand on my factory EV fan clutch was Behr. The EV fan clutches are a bit unreliable, so many of us replace them with the 08-09 thermal clutch...
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    Fan upgrade

    All of these trucks came stock with an engine driven fan clutch. 02-07 used an electro-viscous fan clutch and 08-09 used a regular thermal fan clutch. There are a few people here that tried electric fans and switched back because the e-fans can't move enough air to keep the temperature down at...
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    All the dash lights are finally done!! What do u think?

    Looks Great! I agree with you that it looks better in person. The blue LEDs look almost purple through a camera but they look normal to the eye. I did my cluster with white LEDs a few years ago when I replaced my stepper motors and was thinking of doing the rest of the truck too. Is the...
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    NEED HELP Service Brakes, tranny slipping, spedo jumping, A/C drive hot:pass cold! No problem lights!?

    I had a similar issue a few months ago on my Rainier where the ABS and Parking Brake lights would turn on with a message about the brakes on the DIC even after cleaning the ground on the frame. It ended up just being cold solder joints. I took out the ABS module and cut it open so I could apply...
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    Roof rack delete

    I used some RTV silicone a while ago when I took the roof racks off of my Rainier for a bit. No problems with leaks and it was raining a lot at the time. Just make sure you fill the holes and try not to use too much in case it starts dripping onto the headliner. It's a little harder to...
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    NEED HELP Persistent P2138 And Reduced Engine Power

    It is now confirmed! The pedal is indeed defective. This happened when I pressed and released the pedal slowly like before. The Tech 2 clone works perfectly and can even move the seats in the Rainier.
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    NEED HELP Persistent P2138 And Reduced Engine Power

    So far it appears to be the pedal that caused the problem. I swapped it for the one in my Rainier yesterday and drove about 4 miles with the A/C on and stopped at at least 10 red lights and stop signs to try to trigger the reduced engine power. No problems other than the fan code. I'd still have...
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    NEED HELP Persistent P2138 And Reduced Engine Power

    I ordered it from eBay. The seller was based in California if I remember correctly. I was going to order it from AliExpress but the shipping would've taken much longer and if US customs is indeed confiscating Tech 2 clones then I guess I dodged a bullet there. :2thumbsup:
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    NEED HELP Persistent P2138 And Reduced Engine Power

    I tried it with torque lite today, no dice. I did however notice that the absolute throttle position would stay at 28% minimum instead of 14% minimum when the pedal is released after pressing it a few times. This could indicate that one of the APP sensors is defective and is triggering the...
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