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    Explain your username to us

    It was originally supposed to be trikeguy007 cause I used to ice race 3-wheelers but I misspelled it before I realized it
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    Rim,tire, Suspension setup

    They fit the hub tight just no lip for the rim but haven't had any issues yet but only have a few hundred miles on them
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    Rim,tire, Suspension setup

    2.5" supreme suspension lift 2010 suburban xl rear springs 1.25" wheel spacers Saab 97-x 18x8 stock wheels 255-70-18 dueler a/t tires (32")
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    Z71 Springs ??

    This might sound stupid but I don't want any lift but a sportier stiffer ride better handling, is it possible to put 2" lowering springs made for a Tahoe in or would it not give me a stock like ride height I do tow with it a couple of motorcycles
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    Exhaust options

    I have the Gibson cat back 2.5" at first I thought it was great seems like the truck woke up on the top end but after running it for two years it just gets a really bad and loud droning noise at certain RPM's I'm changing mufflers to a dynomax
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    Wish I'd known 9-7x wheels started at 18"

    Just put some '08 Saab 9-7x wheels on my '04 envoy
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    Cruise control working intermitently......any ideas?????

    Found this at a class I had for work GM service info on this exact problem that everyone seems to be having
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    Engine temp

    I put on the 08 non electronic fan so I know the fan is working
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    Engine temp

    I'm just wondering if my thermostat has sh*t the bed
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    Engine temp

    While engine is warmed up, at idle it will see 206-212 degrees, then when engine speed is raised even to 1000 rpm or more ( after stop light or any take off ) it will slowly decrease to 201 with varying outside temps (torquepro values)already did thermostat less than 6 months temp sensor 1.5yrs...
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    Arizona Check-in

    Just in paradise valley moved from the twin cities
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    work photo

    a photo of the employees rides, and we had two trailblazers there getting work done(not in photo)
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    Running rich, negative long term fuel trim

    I have a similar issue my number 2 cylinder is misfiring at idle -11 fuel trims I've done all the regular tune up stuff swap the plug to number 3 cylinder still no change swapped coil to number 3 cylinder still no change could it be I feel a fuel injector or an intake gasketwhat I've changed...
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    PCM Tune feedback....

    Had mine done 6 months and no issues :wootwoot:

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