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    Coolant and tropical

    Hi guys, stupid question here ... I was wondering why is there a need to use an antifreeze coolant (as recommended) , yet residing in a tropical country (temperature ranges from 86 to 104 F)
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    Low Aircon

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, I will be using Dexcool for the coolant flush. But I was wondering, after reading the manual, it says use "ethylene glycol", There are many after-market selling coolants with ethylene glycol content. I was wondering, what if the impact (other than voiding warranty)...
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    Low Aircon

    Good day. I would like to seek your assistance. Due to strict Covid Quarantine, I could not take my Chevy Trailblazer 2018 for service. I was advised that I can service the vehicle on my own without voiding the warranty (due to COVID), but do it at your own risk. 1. I have successfully changed...

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