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    My 04 ENVOY 4.2 sounds like an old man getting up in the morning

    I'm an old man.... and I wish I could get up in the morning.... It seems you've done some reading and know a little about this platform - good. Let's go down the list: Plugs - "pointy" - probably what they should look like. HOWEVER, if they have over 100,000 miles on them, replace them. ONLY...
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    Gotta replace Valve Cover Gasket

    You can pull the crossover tube toward the front of the engine without breaking any seals loose in the AC circuit. I just did mine last year.
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    Exhaust Manifold - Rotted Heat Shield

    Give this thread a read.... my experiences. There's some good info and good advice (from others). As for what to do while you're there... Upstream O2 sensor, CPAS, ex man gasket (should come with manifold)...
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    GMC accessories available for the Envoy?

    I wonder why they're not common.... the engine bay looks incomplete without it.
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    Exhaust Manifold - Rotted Heat Shield

    One observation from someone who ran for years without a heatshield... if you add transmission fluid after driving the vehicle - a very normal thing to do - the tube will be hot enough to make the fluid sizzle as it goes down the tube. Either wait for the tube to cool.... or don't worry about...
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    GMC accessories available for the Envoy?

    Were these "rare"?
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    Has Anybody lifted a vehicle with G67 air level control suspension?

    I'm sure I did, but I might've also gotten the idea from there. The hardest part was getting the 3 way "Tee" fitting - well, getting just ONE of them. Grainger wanted me to buy 50 of them and they refused to open a bag and sell me just one... As for snow, my 2002 Olds Bravada is AWD but...
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    Has Anybody lifted a vehicle with G67 air level control suspension?

    Let me start with the fact that I have the same suspension... and am somewhat interested in making this work as well. Bear in mind that getting some/all of your rear lift by turning the rear sensors will simply inflate your rear airbags more than normal. This will raise the rear while also...
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    Trans fluid color ?

    100% this ^^^^^. I followed the video here: If I can do it, anyone can do it. Buy extra fluid. Have plenty of rags on hand.
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    03 gmc envoy

    Nah, stuck in the hatch and can't get out.
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    what causes hub bearings to fail so often ?

    Premature failures occur for one primary reason: bad design. Modern engineering focuses on economy instead of longevity. So, they squeeze every bit of material out of the design they can, specifying the lightest duty components that will meet a specification. If you would've shown me a GMT360...
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    Longevity of the 4.2 and 4l60e

    Of course... and the dipstick seal/bushing... eventually... (I have a whole thread on THAT ordeal)... Oh, and I washed the pan in the kitchen sink... for some reason I feel compelled to wash car parts in the sink... it really ticks off my wife but it comes out soooo clean. If I replace my...
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    Longevity of the 4.2 and 4l60e

    I took a little effort for me to get the nerve up but ~I~ did replace all of the fluid with Dex VI by pulling the transmission cooler line to collect the output and fill with Dex VI. There's a video available on here that illustrates how to do this. From this @Mooseman post...
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    NEED HELP Wet Coil Pack on CL#06

    Before reinstalling your coils.... WASH the coil gaskets. I wash mine in the sink with dish detergent to get them completely degreased. If they are brittle and cracking they will need replaced as soon as practical. I do reinstall the cracked ones, though, until I can get replacement gaskets. I...
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    Stall issue

    Bear in mind that this lasted.... 16? years... and it doesn't happen to EVERY GMT.... this design methodolgy is very normal for automotive and is actually a dramatic improvement from the 70's when they'd mount the firewall/bulkhead connector "below the water line" - low enough on the firewall...
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