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    Suspension overhaul time?

    Every time mine has developed that clunk.... it's been front swaybar bushings or end links. Every time.
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    Horrible Fuel Mileage

    Different differential ratios will DEFINITELY affect MPG. It's not necessarily a geometric difference ( the ratio of the ratios ), but it will be affected.
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    Horrible Fuel Mileage

    How are your brakes? Dragging breaks can definitely negatively impact fuel mileage. It should be obvious if that's the problem as the brakes themselves will be excessively hot. What differential do you have vs. the one you had in the other vehicle? 12.5 MPG is "bad", but it's only 10% less...
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    speaker questions (2)

    Your front speaker test probably sounded as it did because it was not balanced. The amplifier is divided into what I'll call "banks" and channels. The front bank has a left channel and a right channel so does the rear. If the impedance between channels does not match, the bank for some reason...
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    speaker questions (2)

    Whether or not you have Bose is usually indicated on the head unit when you turn it on... it will usually say "Bose" on the info display. Bose systems are more sensitive to speaker impedance than non-Bose systems. As for the speakers - as already noted, you can usually fit 6.5" into 6.75" -...
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    Snow/Ice Driving Tips for Part-Time AWD 360s

    G80 is what I have as well and I can say one thing.... TIRES. Tires is what will make you go in the snow. Tires is what will help you stop in the snow. The AWD is "good" in my opinion, but it might as well be non-existent if your tires aren't up to the task. I've driven my AWD Bravada through...
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    SOLVED! Ride quality after lift and tires

    This is the #1 reason that camber "is not adjustable" on most vehicles.... it shouldn't be adjusted is probably more accurate. They've already accounted for squat/roll/etc... in setting the camber and caster at the factory. That being said, props to you for figuring out how to adjust and for...
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    shift points

    Sorry, still not a great comparison. While it is a body on frame vehicle, it still has a curb weight approximately equal to your LaCrosse, about 3400 lbs - THAT's why it behaves very similarly to the LaCrosse. The 305 will have a horspower/torque profile similar to the modern 3800, too. VERY...
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    shift points

    You're comparing apples and watermelons.... Your Buick LaCrosse (you didn't provide a year) could weigh 1000 lbs less than the trailblazer. The thrust-to-weight ratio alone would be 25% better all other things being equal (and they're definitely not equal). Your Buick LaCrosse is front wheel...
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    Manic Monday

    Obvious things to check: are any coil packs unplugged? Were any sensors unplugged? Any hoses removed and not replaced? - including the few vacuum lines there are? More troubleshooting: Clean the throttlebody if not recently done. To troubleshoot the misfire specifically: remove air tube to get...
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    SOLVED! Ride quality after lift and tires

    So... suspension geometry is half science, half black art. Of primary importance with an alignment is "toe-in"... or more likely in your case "toe-out". It's not unusual for vehicle to be set up with a small amount of "toe-in" - that is to say that the leading/forward edge of the wheels is...
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    Suspending Back Wheels

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ AND DON'T FORGET THIS
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    transmission pan bolts/fuel filter

    Cut or break the fuel filter strap.... use a zip tie to reinstall. If you change your filter on schedule, it won't rust like that. Just my 2 cents.... I had a shop replace my fuel filter as part of another service I had done (an inspection, I think).... bastards charged me $60 to do it... and I...
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    New tie rod ends

    100% Body on frame.... "they just don't make 'em like they used to...." Don't go back there.
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    Rear ABS sensor

    Cobweb, I think...
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