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    Lower Air Baffle how do I remove it?

    Ok. Now that I know you want to remove the P/S cooler, I found two YT vids on doing this. We'll assume you've pulled the front bumper cover off; if not, it has to come off, along with the grille as a prereq. Video #1, the guy describes how to do it and shows the part, although he doesn't...
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    Lower Air Baffle how do I remove it?

    I looked online myself; same result. My Envoy is parked outside right now, covered in snow, it's 15F, and dark, or I'd go look at it now. From what I can tell, it may snap into place; the only thing I can see it connecting to is #10 (which looks like it does have fasteners. Either try...
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    FYI - Saab 9-7x 'Rebuild' ep. - 2 Guys Garage (Motor Trend / Velocity)

    Moose - PM me with some info - I don't have a Google Drive (that I know of). Will research this later on today. I'll hook up the DVD recorder sometime next week and run the program through it. Then we'll figure out 'distribution' from there. :laugh:
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    FYI - Saab 9-7x 'Rebuild' ep. - 2 Guys Garage (Motor Trend / Velocity)

    Figured it out... the new eps are shown on Sundays; rerun is the following Saturday. Not mentioned in tomorrow's episode listing online, but @Blckshdw will let us know tomorrow, when he sees it :laugh: Here's the link from M/T's site (only 32 sec available online, at least on this site)...
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    FYI - Saab 9-7x 'Rebuild' ep. - 2 Guys Garage (Motor Trend / Velocity)

    Ah -- maybe they show different eps in different markets? It's a one-off episode, from what I can tell? (but I might be wrong -- can't see a program guide out to next week.) In my market, I think the show is only aired on Saturdays, maybe Sundays. I saw part of the ep (will watch the whole...
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    FYI - Saab 9-7x 'Rebuild' ep. - 2 Guys Garage (Motor Trend / Velocity)

    Season 18, Ep 12, if you're looking for it. (on edit) The hosts do a DOD delete (including cam swap) on a '05 Saab 9-7x. Not sure how 'good' the ep will be, but it's not often one of our trucks gets featured on TV. I've recorded it, and can potentially transfer it to DVD, for those who...
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    What came in your mail today?

    No... I wouldn't call them junk -- not the one I got, anyway. They have a few different types. Here's what I got... it's a 3pc set for 1/2, 3/8, 1/4 drive; I got it specifically for the 1/2, as I use that 90% of the time, these days. $10 for all three, and I didn't consider it $10 wasted...
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    What came in your mail today?

    When you get a chance, post a link to these. I got a set from HF recently, but could use more / better ones. Saw them above from your earlier post. Thanks!
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    Rod knock?

    I just watched / listened to the OP's posted video. I'm going with a bearing (rod over crank, FWIW, although neither is good). The info that you were 3/7 qts low does factor into my guess, as well.
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    Which Truck (Part 2)!

    Might be the clutch boost valve in the VB (they wear in the bore, similar to what happens in our 4L60s.) It's correctable with an oversize valve & reamer kit (Sonnax). Line pressure is too low at initial engagement; pump compensates, & the clutch re-engages. I've never worked with one of...
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    Radar & Laser Detection

    Nothing now (commute changed). Formerly Escort 9500ix. Still have it; ran across it recently in the garage. Last usage was prolly 5yrs ago or more. Got it about 10yrs (!) ago for a 150mi weekly drive downstate via I-55, which was supposed to be speed trap city. I think I saw 2 patrol cars...
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    Which Truck (Part 2)!

    I don't like the Grand Am b/c it had the 3.4, and ones of that vintage had problems w/ the intake manifold leaking coolant. It has to be watched. Best fix is the Fel-Pro 'problem solver'. Trans is the 4T65; I had one in a GP and it shifted beautifully. Guy I worked with a couple of years ago...
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    A rare bird.....

    Agreed. This is just the type of thing I'd put in the garage & turn into the next project. (It'd be ready in about 5yrs... :laugh: )
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    Wiper blade comparisons

    Believe it or not, the best (non-OEM) blades I've ever found are Autozone's house brand - Duralast (Aero or Flex; I forget which, but leaning toward the Aero -- it's the style that has the raised lip on the bottom that holds the arm against the glass). They last at least a year (and I don't...
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    FOR SALE 2005 Trailblazer EXT LT

    I'm sending a PM your way.

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