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    NEED HELP P0171 Lean Code

    SOLVED I took the Trailblazer to a repair shop, and they told me I had done everything, and to bring it back when the miss got worse. Driving with a misfire wasn't acceptable for me. Having good compression and fuel delivery, the only thing left was spark, so I decided to replace coils on...
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    NEED HELP P0171 Lean Code

    I forgot to add O2 sensor data in my last post. Both sensors are still fluctuating from high to low, although I have replaced the cat and muffler. The downstream sensor holds around .6 to .7 volts at steady throttle, with occasional drop to .1 volt, and rise to .8 volts. It always drops low...
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    NEED HELP P0171 Lean Code

    Sorry, I've been away for a while. Finally back to work on the Trailblazer. So far I have replaced the spark plugs, gaskets (valve cover/throttle body/intake manifold) fuel pressure regulator, FPR vacuum hose connector, fuel pump. fuel filter, vacuum line to intake manifold, muffler, catalytic...
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    NEED HELP P0171 Lean Code

    gmcman, it is at the fuel filter. I just reached under enough to reach the port, so I didn't get a close look, but based on your info of the test port being on the "Out," are you saying my problem could very well be the fuel filter?
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    NEED HELP P0171 Lean Code

    I checked the fuel pressure again today. Only 46 psi while priming, with key "ON," then drops to 42 psi, and holds there without any loss. No change in pressure (46 psi) while accelerating, but the needle had some shake. I cleared the code, and took it for a drive. No codes set, but it still has...
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    NEED HELP P0171 Lean Code

    Thanks for your input guys. I replaced the vacuum hose attached to the passenger side of the intake manifold before the last code (P0171), because the rubber elbow was split. I have not chased the EVAP vacuum hose, because we all know what is entailed to gain access to it. That may be my next...
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    NEED HELP P0171 Lean Code

    I had the code prior to cleaning the injectors. I replaced intake, valve cover, and throttle body gaskets. I removed the intake manifold again, and checked to make sure a gasket wasn't rolled or out of track. re-installed, and torqued to 89 in lb. double checked both the PCV hose and brake...
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    NEED HELP P0171 Lean Code

    2003 TB EXT 4.2l is throwing code P0171 after driving for about 20 minutes at speeds of 55-70. The vehicle has almost 160K miles on it, with a remanufactured engine that only has 20K miles on it. Over the past 3 months this is what has happened. I was getting a code P0340 (Camshaft position...
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    Opinions Wanted - 4.2 Cylinder Head

    If you have 4 wheel drive; in order to remove the oil pan and timing cover, you will need to remove the CV axles and intermediate shaft, that goes through the oil pan. Remove the brush plate underneath. Loosen the 35mm axle nut, and lug nuts, before jacking up the vehicle (Note: the loaner...
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    FOR SALE Pistons (with rings) and Main Bearings (All NEW) $180

    Quantity 6 Enginetech pistons 0.50 mm oversize , including rings, piston pins and retainers. Also included are crankshaft main bearings. Fits GM 4.2L I-6 engines with VIN S, 2002-2005 (Trailblazer, Oldsmobile Bravada, Buick Rainier, Saab 9-7X, Isuzu Ascender, and GMC Envoy) Fits GM 3.5L I-5...
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    NEED HELP Service 4WD light

    2003 Trailblazer EXT "Service 4WD" light illuminates only after reaching approximately 15 mph, and stays illuminated at any speed. At restart, the light is off until reaching approximately 15 mph again. All lights on the switch illuminate when selected, and the disconnect actuator and transfer...
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    NEED HELP Seat Belt Latch

    2003 Trailblazer EXT with power seats has an intermittent working seat belt light and usually no chime. Some times the light stays on when buckled, and sometimes it is off when not buckled. It also has a continuous Airbag light. I have removed the driver seat, cleaned the connectors (buckle and...
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    NEED HELP Engine Knock and Running Rich

    The crankshaft and connecting rod both need to be replaced. as well as the oil pump, oil pick up tube, and timing cover. Cylinders are already oversized, and the they need to be honed to remove blemishes. The machine shop recommends I replace the engine. Considering the costs for additional...
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    NEED HELP Engine Knock and Running Rich

    You guys are good. MRRSM, the bearing that spun is the #4 connecting rod, not the main bearing. Sorry, I gave the wrong information by saying it was a main bearing. I want to check the clearances on all of the remaining bearings, as well as the main bearings, to make sure they are within spec. I...
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    NEED HELP Engine Knock and Running Rich

    OK guys. I finally got back to the TB. Found metal shavings on the oil plug. Pulled the engine, and broke it down. The problem was not the torque converter, the flywheel. the VVT actuator. or the harmonic balancer. It was a spun main bearing on #4. NRRSM. you asked about the crankshaft. It was...

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