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    What are you doing today?

    "appraise a high school. "... is this appraisal done on the curve?
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    Jokes and Riddles

    What this Retired Man has to Say about Life... I was thinking about how a status symbol of today is those cell phones that everyone has clipped on. I can't afford one. So, I'm wearing my garage door opener. You know, I spent a fortune on deodorant before I realized that people didn't like me...
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    Jokes and Riddles

    What do you think our life expectancy would be if we did this?
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    Chevy Trailblazer Coupe Could Be A Winner

    that's new MATH for ya!
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    The Random/Funny Pic Thread.

    for Memorial Day:
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    The Latest SpaceX Rocket Launches...

    For eight years I got to know a man who picked these astronauts out of the drink after their ride into space. He was a good and fair man my father in law (R.I.P.) and stories like this make me wish I got to talk to him more about them. For if math wasn't correct going up their landing...
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    The Latest SpaceX Rocket Launches...

    Hey MRRSM, I was about to mark my calendar, but I couldn't find a Friday ("coming up next Friday, May27th, 2020" ) the 27th on my calendar :sadcry: Mine shows the 27th for Wednesday. This I did locate : May 27 Falcon 9 • Crew Dragon Demo 2 Launch time: 2033:33 GMT (4:33:33 p.m. EDT) Launch...
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    Random Videos

    Mean while from the show me state...(Missouri) entering the highway without using his Blinker... glad no one was hurt though.
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    Jokes and Riddles

    Did anyone notice that this was posted by one moderator who just celebrated a milestone anniversary? The big 25 year one if memory recalls correctly. Suggest we keep watch on his next tool purchase in the event he adds spades and shovels to his tool box :) just saying...
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    What do you think when you read thread titles??

    What's your gas mileage?
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    The COVID escape room

    date: May 12, 2020 1) Tomorrow is the “National Homeschool Tornado Drill.” Lock your kids in the basement until you get the all clear. You’re welcome! 2) I was so bored I called Jake from State Farm just to talk to someone. He asked me what I was wearing. 3) 2019: Stay away from negative...
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    Jokes and Riddles

    can you relate?
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    Jokes and Riddles

    Hopefully this isn't you or me :)
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    Jokes and Riddles

    Modern Problems require Modern Solutions:

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