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    GM Special Coverage Program 14423

    what years and models does this cover?
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    How Much Sleep?

    I average about 5 1/2 hrs a day. Working rotating 12 hrs days with OT throw in, you never know if you're coming or going...
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    Gas prices

    1.49 for regular unleaded in Austinburg Ohio
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    What are you doing today?

    first night back to work after being off for 7 weeks for double hernia surgery...
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    How many miles have you got on your GMT

    update on my 05 TB, now at 122K
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    Anything tricky about replacing a fender?

    Matt, I can't thank you enough. How about Saturday the 5th if that is ok? I will send you my cell number in a pm.
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    Anything tricky about replacing a fender?

    I have to give you something for your time at least. Let me know what saturday is good for you. Where are you coming up from?
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    Anything tricky about replacing a fender?

    probably should bring your own tools. what are you thinking price wise?
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    Anything tricky about replacing a fender?

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    Anything tricky about replacing a fender?

    Some JackHole decided it would be cool to back into my front left fender then flee the scene. I found a color matching fender for $100. How difficult is it to swap out the old with the new? Anyone near NE Ohio interested in doing it, let me know. I will compensate you or your time. I'm having...
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    Only getting 160 miles on 25gal tank

    my Tstat took a dump this past winter, and I let it go for about a month. My gas mileage suffered dramatically. Once I replaced the tstat it got better, but it even improved more when I removed the resonator at the end of the exhaust. Mine was actually plugged up with charcoal size piece of...
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    coil pack longevity?

    I have an 05 LS, 4.2, have had to replace 2 coil packs, one due to failure, other due to water getting into it and causing it to short out. 1st one failed at 100K, which was in 2011, 2nd one happened a year later. Currently just shy of 118K.
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    Water around spark plug(s)

    happened to me about 3 yrs ago, hood seal dried out, cracked, allowing water to seep into #4 cylinder I believe. fried the coil pack and the plug. new seal, coil pack and plugs and all better.
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    Ohio Members Check In

    Ashtabula here, the "other" mistake by the lake"!
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    1" wheel spacers

    I just put 255/65/17 tires on mine, you have less space than I do.
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