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    I6 performance issue

    When were the plugs last done on it? Usually its best to put new coils in when doing the plugs, to avoid any unforeseen issues down the line :) My memory is bit a blurry on this one, but I think you're suppose to let the truck idle on its own for 10-15 minutes after re-connecting the battery...
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    FOR SALE 2004 North Face Trailblazer v8

    I've been keeping an eye on craigslist and the pick n pulls hoping a SWB NF shows up, I've been wanting to put a set of the roof lights on my Envoy. I'm surprised there hasn't been chinese ones made by now, like with all the other kinds of roof lights.
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    FOR SALE 2004 North Face Trailblazer v8

    Wow....the red and black go great together. I wish GM incorporated the two-tone on the Envoys....or at least the Denali instead of on the TB's only. There is a silver and black NF I see every once in a while near me, its been pretty beat up and ragged which is a shame to see something so rare in...
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    Help with 4x4 - Service 4x4 light and selector lights on sometimes

    It's not exactly "full time" 4WD, it pretty much engages when it detects wheel slippage . Most of the guys here term it as the "slip bang system", because of how it operates and eventually strips the splines for the intermediate shaft leading to eventual failure of the system itself. My memory...
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    Help with 4x4 - Service 4x4 light and selector lights on sometimes

    If you have the square access panel that is located on the driver side of the dash, you should have access to it through the hole. I found this on Google, but the location of it should be the same as shown for this Envoy. @Mooseman may know.
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    Lost fuel pressure when shutting off engine - 4 fuel pumps + Injectors replaced

    Not sure if this helps, but I came across a post on the old site. It was last year, but a user with an 07 Denali had an issue with theirs not turning over on the first attempt but would on the second. Here is the Link , it would at least maybe have some clues? Though I am wondering, if its...
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    NEED HELP 2005 tb wheres the filter????

    In 05 GM started putting the fuel filters on the Envoy/Trailblazer in the tank itself. So if you want to replace the filter, you have to replace the entire pump/sending unit as they are one whole assembly.
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    Tale of the NAV

    There is a PAC module that let's you retain accessory on, on star, and the steering wheel controls with aftermarket systems. As long as you get the module that retains the BOSE system you are good to go!
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    Need more range - Aux tanks?

    You have my old TB Ext with the 5.3 w/3.73 gears beat by 22 miles, I would always get about 503 on fill up after long distance highway driving, and that was with DoD active. Usually did 65, minus giving it gas to get around "slow" drivers hogging the lane. On a good day, I can get about 325 on...
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    Fuel Economy: What is your average MPG?

    Would a lazy 02 sensor be capable of taking the MPG down a good chunk?
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    Gas pump stops

    OS is referred to the "Old Site" before GMT became its own thing.
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    Gas pump stops

    Could be the vent for the tank being blocked, or the filler neck. There is a post here from the OS with a bulletin regarding the problem and how to fix it. Had the same issue with my first Envoy, it would fight to fill up on cold days or cold starts. My problem ended up being the fuel filler neck.
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    Bilstein 5100 strut front and back?

    I don't have experience with them, but it has been mentioned that you could adjust these and get the desired ride height close to what Marks kit provides.
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    Tale of the NAV

    I honestly never used the factory built in NAV, but have you tried resetting the radio to factory defaults? I don't see how deleting a few files off the disc would do that, unless they were used for telemetry purposes which could possibly create the issue your having. Best way to tell really is...
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    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Replaced the alternator with the new one, heard it kick in since the truck sat all day so I take it that its working at least. Replaced the bolts on the battery cables as well. Had a little trouble working the new ones in, but with a little backyard engineering got them into the grommets using a...

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