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    @?$#& !!!! P0300

    KEEBZ489, looks like its been about 4 months since you replaced all 6 of your coils, is everything still working? Do you have an exact link to the coils? I'm dealing with the same P0300 code; thanks.
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    NEED HELP 2004 Trailblazer - initial code p0300

    Hey, did you ever resolve your P0300 issue? I'm dealing with the same problem. Thanks in advance for your time, Chad.
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    Mevotech Ball Joints

    oster200, any update on the Mevotechs? I'm looking at the terrain tough line as well to replace upper and lower ball joints.
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    Thanks everyone for the responses! Have any of you tried out their "terrain tough" wheel bearing & hub assemblies? I've attached a list of the available manufacturers from RockAuto; having a hard time deciding. I of course am always attracted to any part under the description "heavy duty"...
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    Has any one had any experience with Mevotech? RockAuto has them listed as the supplier for most items they consider "Heavy Duty". I am looking at upper and lower ball joints, and front wheel bearing hub assemblies for my 2002 GMC Envoy SLT.
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    Cardone Select CV Axle Quality Gone Bad??

    Mike534x Did you ever go with the Detroit axles? I have not been through two pair of Cardones, both only lasting two weeks before the boot split; I have given up. Curious if the Detroits are any better.
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    Cardone Select CV Axle Quality Gone Bad??

    Did you by chance find any brand with better boots?
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    Cardone Select CV Axle Quality Gone Bad??

    Has anyone experienced the quality of the boots on the CV axles of the Cardone Select's gone bad? When I first lifted my '02 GMC Envoy in 2010, I replaced both axles with the Cardone Select 66-1345 axles from RockAuto. One of the two finally failed in May of this year after 59k miles, so I...
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    NEED HELP ASAP! Just replaced front axle disconnect and....

    Nevermind, I'm a dumbass, axle was not in all the way!! I knew something didn't seem right, both wheels should definitely spin freely in case any one is wondering.
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    NEED HELP ASAP! Just replaced front axle disconnect and....

    I have a 2002 GMC Envoy SLT and I just rebuilt my front axle disconnect and I realize with the front end on jack stands, in park obviously, parking brake on, the drivers side wheel will spin freely, however the passenger side wheel only does a partial spin of about 15 degrees back and forth. Is...

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