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    Recall: HF Pittburgh jack stands

    Yep. Simple low/no cost design change causes a significant improvement. Our GMTs could benefit from such consideration :eyebrowhuh:
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    eBay Listing $8.95 per 4 Meters of Engine Hood Weather Stripping

    I had the stuff sitting on the shelf. Here's how it looks: Normally the original rubber seal is pushed down the "step" and reduces how much sealing pressure can be applied - apparently it can be inadequate. The original rubber seal now rests on the weatherstrip and increases the seal...
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    Recall: HF Pittburgh jack stands

    From the video, the design of the old ones is not the greatest, but they are good enough. Kicking the release lever to release the ratchet mechanism is not something you would normally do. He said himself that he put heavy trucks on the stands with no issue. Nonetheless I'll take a look at my...
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    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Installed a TPMS. Stopped at a garage sale on the weekend and picked up a tpms system that the guy had some problem installing. For five bucks I took a chance. Chinese translated instructions were awful, but kept hacking away and finally got all 4 sensors to link to the receiver. The external...
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    Want to reduce the heat under the hood

    I often leave the hood open after a trip and parking at home to keep the underhood temperatures from rising when parked. And the center of the chrome bar on the grille is cut out and replaced with aluminum mesh to improve air flow.
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    eBay Listing $8.95 per 4 Meters of Engine Hood Weather Stripping

    Another option is to duplicate what the factory solution was. Attach regular medium or high density foam rubber weatherstripping beneath the D section of the original seal. This will lift it higher and seal better to the hood. Probably a good idea to do this even if you have no issues - keep...
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    What are you doing today?

    Replaced a radiator in my mother's lumina. Originally installed at a garage - They wanted $280 to install the new one, but I asked them if I brought in the broken one could they give me the replacement, since it was a lifetime warranty part. Said he didn't know - nobody had ever asked that...
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    Ò2006 4.2 fuel pump question

    On the other hand, I'm using one for a year and a half and all is well. Lucky me????
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    SOLVED! 4WD Glitch

    Here's what the restoration guide says about encoder motor brake function: So the engineers have concluded that it is possible for the TC to "pop" out of position. I have checked and the brake is strong enough to stop the motor from rotating when 12v is applied to the motor. But it is not a...
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    Ò2006 4.2 fuel pump question

    For those that are looking for a budget option - fleabay has much cheaper pumps and complete assemblies available and the evap canister apparently can be flushed out and cleaned - youtube videos on that are available.
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    NEED HELP Cruise Control (Electrical issue)

    p0340 cam position sensor error will also disable the cruise control.
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    Windshield washer

    Stay away from the cheap walmart fluid too. Maybe this is only an issue in hot climates but after sitting for a few months blobs of white gunk form in the fluid and will clog nozzles and lines.
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    NEED HELP how to turn off DRL's forever

    I did the lancematic DRL killer mod three years ago. Still works fine. One thing I would recommend is to use a very small 12v relay, not the big 30a automotive relay commonly used. You only need to switch a small control signal to the solid state relay in the fusebox. I think a small...
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    Cam Position Sensor p0340

    It was easy to open the CPS and see what's inside. I noticed that there was a "burned electronics" smell to it, even though nothing appears burned out. A rainy day project may be to replace 120 ohm resistor on the + line with a 50 and see if that bumps up the output voltage.
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    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Went to the PYP to browse for parts. Found the plastic piece above the rear hatch, (even the correct color) that was badly cracked on mine. Also for the first time ever found the elusive OEM dvd navigation radio that was a super expensive option. However, today a $100 android radio exceeds...

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