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    Eco friendly oil container

    The full syn has the dexos stamp so I think you're GTG.
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    2nd gear slip after service

    Take a look at the lower fan to fan shroud clearance. That got really tight in the Sierra when the kounts were about done. Then the power steering lines got crushed. :hopeless:
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    Eco friendly oil container

    A lot of U S recycling is like that. Cheaper to ship it than get around regulaton. And as for what I'm doinb... highly experimental and I just can't say if you are in the right field. :thumbsup:
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    Is anyone else having this trans problem?

    Yea its TC chatter. Aside from mine doing it once at 7k (which they immediately changed the fluod free of charge) its been fine right up to the present 32k miles on it... and that included some towing that would make the TB squeamish. From my understanding now, since it is a sealed unit the...
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    Eco friendly oil container

    Maybe. The cleaning bath they enter when they're dropped off takes care of that but depending on the plant design that may not be stage 1. In which case then maybe. The one contract I have just incinerated it and then uses it for things I can't legally talk about but is good as far as...
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    Eco friendly oil container

    That's dumb. Its equal to a milk container. It is quite literally one of the most recycable plastic types there is. Very strange.
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    Eco friendly oil container

    Oil containers are very much recyclable. Just no one does it. Making plastic is something to the tune of 45-75% more environmentally sound than cardboard too. (Observing energy required to produce, plastic overall while it doesn't go away is actually still the best thing for the environment...
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    Tool Talk

    Borrow a few from the floor model at harbor freight? :crackup:
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    Tool Talk

    Aside from the orange that actually made it look like dads old old craftsman. Very nice. The black is good because they you don't notice (at least for me) the greasy finger prints that eventually get over it.
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    Proprietary nature of German products

    Well they did hire a lot of audi guys. Guess it shows. :crackup:
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    Proprietary nature of German products

    I could never get past the electrical problems... nightmare they all are. "My battery goes dead after sitting 2 weeks" BMWs response was a battery tender. :hopeless: mind you the car was about a month off the lot at that point.
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    Tool Talk

    Yup. An old low profile 3/8 where the hex end was larger than the shaft itself. It was broken anyway. I did also try it with a 1/4 drive but as you can imagine... didn't go well. I was tired, a little hungover, and worried about all the metal I found in the oil pan.
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    Tool Talk

    Yeah... for mine I ended up using a socket extension and modded it to work. For reinstalling I just used a dead blow. I've used every harmonic balancer installer I could find and have pulled the threads out of plenty of cranks to know the deadblow and a block of wood works best. :hopeless: not...
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    What day/month is it ?

    Mother nature is reclaiming the land. (Soviet national anthem plays) :crackup:
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    How long do you plan on keeping your Trailblazer / Envoy?

    Yea the Colorado platform is that good but a TB on it would be cake... having the 16 Silverado and the 19 colorado the fit and finish on the colorado blows it out of the water. The Silverado has nicer materials but it isn't put together that well. My buddy actually went from a 15 Sierra Denali...

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