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    it's sadly around the time to say goodbye

    Well it's been awhile but I found my Envoy for sale online. It's listed at $4299 which isn't bad i'd say. I only was able to get 2300 out of the dealer for trade in. They originally wanted to...
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    Alternator issue

    There is a fusible link between the alternator and battery. Highly unlikely to burned it out but it's worth a look into with a multimeter to test resistance of the charge wire coming off your alternator. Also just to make sure you don't have someone elses old junk from the parts store check the...
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    2014 silverado aftermarket remote start

    Yupp that's how they get you. If it didn't end then I'd just live with that but nope. Lol.
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    2014 silverado aftermarket remote start

    That's fine and dandy but it's only still good for 20 minutes. I don't want to hit the starter twice to get a 20 minute runtime when I need it. Also I'm not paying for onstar. You can only start the car and unlock/lock it from the app for 5 years from the date of original purchase. I have two...
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    2014 silverado aftermarket remote start

    I have a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado LT that came from the factory with the remote start option however I don't like the range of the factory remote and having to keep extending the timer after 10 minutes so I was going to put in the aftermarket remote start I had in my previous vehicle (2004 GMC...
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    ABS intermittent activation on dry pavement

    if it activates at 5mph or less on dry pavement then it could be a dirty sensor or a faulty hub in the front despite being recently replaced. I tried to take my sensors out and clean them but ended up snapping them off in the hub so I would never try to get the sensors out personally again.
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    GMT 360/370 is dying

    For me it was the practicality of having the Envoy and the problem of everything starting to rot out bad from the winters up here in the north. The truck was nice but the frame kept rusting through, especially on the passenger side of the frame rail near where the steering bolts up to the frame...
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    Replacing climate control light bulbs

    Also the CFL display in the center will not change the color or brightness when you put led's in. It only affects the buttons and knobs, not the center display but IMO that is bright enough.
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    Replacing climate control light bulbs

    I didn't have the digital hvac like yours but yes the leds are brighter and can be dimmed with the dimmer knob on the dash. If you're going to put leds in the hvac and nowhere else it will stand out like a sore thumb for being so much brighter than the other items you didn't upgrade. You also...
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    FOR SALE GMC Envoy high output alternator

    Bump! I know someone wants a cheaper alternator that will upgrade their electrical system. :bump:
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    FOR SALE GMC Envoy HID fog and headlight assembly

    Headlight set sold to DAlastDON. Fog light set still up for grabs.
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    Spare Tire Carrier Removal Questions

    I'm a little confused on your scenario with the latch, can you raise and lower the tire only like an inch? If so what i did to get mine off the truck when the latch rusted solid was drop the tire down as far as it would go and then raise it up just above the point of where it can no longer go...
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    FOR SALE XS Power D3100 battery

    I have a single XS Power D3100 battery up for sale. The battery will NOT fit under the hood of the Envoy without modifying a lot for space however I used it in the rear of my truck to support the sound system I used to have. It works great and has a resting voltage at 12.65v after sitting for a...

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