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    Struck by lightning?

    MRRSM Where do you get the pcm connector gaskets? Is that a dealer only item?
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    Struck by lightning?

    Thanks for your quick response. I just read BMonkeys similar problem and his was that connector. Mine has sat for 5 days and when I started it, everything worked. I will do exactly like you suggested. I have some cleaner and will be very careful with it. I will post what happens with this.
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    Struck by lightning?

    Well it figures 2 minutes after I post my thread, I read that Bmonkey has a similar problem in a similar envoy. His thread mentioned a battery draw after the envoy was shut off. I had not touched mine since I got home 5 days ago and was expecting a dead battery. But to my surprise, when I...
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    Unknown driver, warning lights, not quite like this issue in other forums

    BMonkey you and I have almost the identical problem. Mine went out last Sunday during a heavy thunderstorm and I titled my thread 'struck by lightning?' I did not know what to search for when I had such a long laundry list of problems. Go read my post, we have almost exactly the same dead...
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    Struck by lightning?

    Hey I need some help. I was driving in a heavy thunderstorm when alot of things stopped working. I don't really think I was stuck by lightning, but the list of things that stopped working is strange. Before I took this trip, I was having issues with the liftgate latch staying locked, no rear...

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