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    SOLVED! 2002 Envoy A/C delete belt

    Sorry to hear of your bad experience as I am sure it is on peoples minds from time to time as our trucks get older. But thank you very much for sharing the part number. But most importantly it is good you got home ok
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    Replacing Pads & Rotors, Front & Rear

    following as I will be doing mine soon as well
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    Aftermarket cowl hood

    Cant wait to see it painted
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    Light bar wiring

    I too would like to see pics of how you ran the cables
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    NJ Inspection

    jersey got rid of safety inspection long ago (don"t understand why) just do an smog test now.
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    All the dash lights are finally done!! What do u think?

    If you do make this a side job, let me know as I would be interested as I am sure others may be as well.
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    All the dash lights are finally done!! What do u think?

    The skill and dedication to do that is commendable. How long did it take you? Any tips? The color choices are not what I would have picked but I get the idea of contrasting colors. I am sure the pics don't do it justice Good job
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    Thoughts to correct marks on paint

    Cool thanks for the info
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    Member Birthday shout outs....

    Thank you very much .. IT does mean alot. :2thumbsup:
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    Thoughts to correct marks on paint

    Greetings all. Got an issues I am trying to solve and after searching the various posts and Threads with no luck, I figured to reach out here. My kids wanted to be nice and clean my truck for me while I was out. But in there over jealous attempt to get some road tar off my door, they used...
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    Odd radio behavior

    Following this in case my radio does same thing
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    Oil Pressure Gage

    very nice write up and video :2thumbsup:
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    Oil Pressure Gage

    me likey so far :2thumbsup:
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    AC Light won’t turn on

    I was thinking the pressure switch but you already did that .... ??
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    Oil Pressure Gage

    Still following .. lol. hope it works out for you

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