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    Body part name and availability ?

    thanks for the info
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    Body part name and availability ?

    i was always told .. "Google knows all, it just depends on how the question is asked" well i tried dozens of combinations of how to describe or ask about a part and cant find it. Here is is what i am looking for .. 2005 Trailblazer SWB.... Rear hatch ... black plastic piece on side of...
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    What year Envoy or Trailblazer would you buy if you had to replace yours?

    i would try my best to go with an 09
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    Bose Stereo toast. Replacement Recommendations Please.

    would the amp also cause various speakers to cut out intermintantly ?
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    NJ Inspection

    I to live in NJ. Here is what I always do before the test. IF you think you need an air filter, change it. If you think you are burning some oil, change it too. Once those are done, run the tank down to almost empty, then fill with top tier / quality gas like 93 octaine and take it for...
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    Decided to join the insanity

    Welcome to the family
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    Change Spark Plugs 05 Trailblazer

    I bought Delphi coil packs as they came recommended from two garages. Yeah a bit pricey but I like to have the peace of mind. Plus I am getting too old to want to change anything in a parking lot in bad weather. Oh .. when i did the plugs and packs, I also changed the air filter and the...
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    Change Spark Plugs 05 Trailblazer

    at 200k on the odometer and had a coil pack fail just before the replacement, I figured to be better safe than sorry. Especially since I dive 80 miles a day just for work. and most of it is highway and I dont want to get stuck or have the truck run funny in the middle of no where.
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    Change Spark Plugs 05 Trailblazer

    * Everyhing that Mooseman said is true. I changed my plugs on my 05 at about 200k. * the side of my head is stamped with the warning to do when cold ( like oer night cold that is) and it even stated the torque setting to tighten them * use even steady pressure on the ratchet to break them...
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    odd idling oscillations

    I also have a 2005 with a about 225k I would change the coil packs, clean the throttle body and make sure the air filter is not too dirty. To start at least.
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    odd idling oscillations

    What year, engine and mileage do you have? Have you cleaned the throttle body? Replaced coil packs or are they original? Knowing some history would help as some issues could have various causes.
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    How to Change Oil on TB/Envoy Video Tutorial

    Good Job. Sounds like you had a family member coaching you as you did it. Always a good way to learn. Keep in mind some other points. I usually remove 3 of the bolts to the skip plate to swing it out of the way. you did not mention about coating the new filter gasket with fresh oil...
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    The Random/Funny Pic Thread ver.2.0

    Yup I did it .. lol
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    I really need some advice before I blow up this truck😤

    The OIL pressure could also be a bad pressure switch which is located just above where the Oil filter goes. Your TB might need some TLC and fluid changes but if taken care of right, it will be a good ride. Mine is a 2005 with over 220K miles on the original Engine, trans and transfer case.
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    Absolutely the best headlight option for the LT Trailblazer

    lights look good might have to get them for mine as the ones I have I feel are not bright enough
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