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    GMT Nation Decals

    Can I get in on that deal? I would not mind having a decal on my truck
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    Front Bumper cover attach

    Fixed : I opened up the mounting holes on bracket and cleaned up the nubs on the cover. spread the epoxy and help in place with a wood working clamp till it dried. Should have taken a pic or two. Snapped it in to place and all done.
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    Front Bumper cover attach

    Did not see this elsewhere to figured to try here. I noticed the passenger side front bumper cover, near the wheel well did not look right as it was sticking out a bit. When i looked closer, I noticed the cover had seperated from this. This part was still attached to the grommet/clip on...
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    SOLVED! Intake vacuum

    Solved .. The issue was a less than ideal new coil pack. Had a new Delphi put in an no issues. Moderator .. my apologizes for not updated sooner.
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    SOLVED! Battery / Alternator questions and feedback?

    Solved. While the battery still had some of its warranty left, the pro-rated part I would have to pay I decided to opt for a new battery. After doing some homework and checking with other car people in my area, I went with a top of the line Duracell battery. Yeah I know it is not one of the...
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    Replacing Pads & Rotors, Front & Rear

    Getting ready for Brakes. After reading the above posts, I am thinking on going with the Napa Adaptive pads and AC Delco Durastop Rotors. Will let you know how they work
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    SOLVED! Drive train hum under load

    Since New jersey is in Stay at Home, I took the TB to a recommended local shop. They test drove the truck and did some other checking and determined it was the bearings, but in pulling the cover, found the internal gears were also worn and that they were contributing to the issue. The...
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    05 envoy rapid response vehicle

    If you are building a RRV, why would you want to lower it? I would think the height would be needed for some locations you may have to go to. Also the pic of the connection on the back passenger side panel . Why not mount them in the pocket and use the panel door to protect them from...
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    Curb rash repaired, now what?

    Following ... any update? As mentioned before I would love to know how you got rid of the rash ?
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    NEED HELP 2004 Chevy Trailblazer oil pressure drops when driving and at idle

    if your oil level is good and there is no ticking, i vote for the switch. I have had 3 x 360 platforms and have had to replace 3 switches.
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    SOLVED! Drive train hum under load

    this shop knows me and my truck fo rhte 5 years I have had it as well as before that. I know 75w/90 was called for the diffs and the case is to be AutoTrack II but your right. I will wait the couple hundred miles and change again. Will keep you posted DO you recommend a certain brand...
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    SOLVED! Drive train hum under load

    Noise is still there. Took the TB to a shop I have trusted for years to do things I cant or don't have time. They take truck for test drive and sure enough they hear it very noticeably They put is on the lift to locate the source.. start, put in gear, give it gas and no hum. They drain...
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    I can't believe I'm sharing this...

    I think we have all been there and done that. While I work on my family cars and SUVs to same money, I enjoy it but what pays the bills I am in IT. So i have done it on both aspects .. lol But as long as we catch the mistakes and correct them, it is all good.
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    SOLVED! Drive train hum under load

    Only while driving fluid was correct level and color did not try that .. next time i am on a downgrade and the truck is moving I will try it Hmm good idea .. will check

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