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    Can't Get Rotor Over New Parking Brake

    Thanks for the info. I didn't find that thread when I searched. Did the things you mentioned, I'm using a brand new hardware kit and I'll read through that thread today. Currently supposed to rain today and tomorrow. Also read somewhere on here that the shoes are directional and that one side...
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    Can't Get Rotor Over New Parking Brake

    08 9-7x 5.3 Parking brake has been iffy and it needed new rear pads and rotors. Picked up a new pair of parking brake shoes at Auto Zone. Installed the left rear first, and I can't get the rotor back on no matter which way I adjust the parking brake. I have the correct parts, already double...
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    Writeup Explaing GMT360 Audio??

    Hey all, Is anyone aware of a decent writeup that has been done on just what the specs of the audio for these trucks is? I'm specifically trying to rework the speakers in my 08 9-7X (w/ Bose). I'm finding so much conflicting information on speaker specs - such as what diameter will *actually*...
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    Trying to find the correct end links for my 08. Totally different than previous years

    Good deal. They are definitely going to be easier to replace. The MOOG kit shows the washers and the bolts, which I will need since the heads of my bolts snapped off. I dunno if it was a freak failure or what. Apparently one has been broken for a while. I noticed the other today because...
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    Trying to find the correct end links for my 08. Totally different than previous years

    I went ahead and ordered 2 of MOOG Part # K6629 Heavy Duty. Pretty confident these are correct. Funny enough, it looks like the 07 prior design was much more sturdy. The newer design is undoubtedly cheaper, but you would think it would have cost GM more to retool to accommodate the new design...
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    Trying to find the correct end links for my 08. Totally different than previous years

    Hmm good call... I checked the 6.0 but didn't try different years. When I checked the TB, I found these listed along with the other style: I suppose that would work, and I...
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    Trying to find the correct end links for my 08. Totally different than previous years

    So both my front endlinks broke. I compared them side by side with my friend's 06 9-7x 5.3 (mine is an 08 5.3), and his had a totally different endlink setup. The pictures I see online look like his, as seen here...
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    Door Lock Cylinder... and Power Locks??

    Could have sworn my profile was filled out. Doh. Anyway, I fixed that. It's a 2008 9-7x 5.3i. I do use the key lock sometimes, so it's not like it has been sitting for years. Sometimes I hear the motors working, sometimes not. I need to check each individual door - good point there. I was...
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    Door Lock Cylinder... and Power Locks??

    Hey all, I found several threads discussing issues with the power locks. Apparently there is a rod that falls off or they break because, well, GM isn't good at power locks and windows. Right now, neither passenger side lock works. The driver rear sort of works. It opens, but you can't lock it...
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    Liftgate/Rear Hatch Mechanism Part Number or Source?

    Hey All, I am looking to replace my rear hatch actuator, or liftgate actuator... or whatever you want to call it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It also rarely locks. I have tried searching Rockauto, Autoanything, eBay, and GMPartsdirect, but I can't find a definite replacement part...
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    Throttle Body Repairable?

    I have not found anyone that sells parts for the TB/sensors. The good news is, a brand new TB with all electronics is only about $130, and it takes all of 15 minutes to change out.
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    Do I need a new throttle body?

    Just saw this thread. I had the same symptoms, brand new throttlebody for $130 fixed my problem as well.
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    miles per gallon with the v8

    13.6mpg in the winter with 95% city driving and winter gas. Summer is more like 14.2mpg city. Highway I get 20-21. That's in an 08 9-7x with 52k miles. EDIT: Forgot it doesn't display vehicle under your name...
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    2002 Trailblazer key trouble

    Glad it worked! On the starting issue... If it sat overnight then started fine in the morning, I would say it's probably the starter solenoid. If the battery was dead enough to prevent starting, it wouldn't start the next day. Usually tapping the starter will work once or twice, and then you're...
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    2002 Trailblazer key trouble

    Are you able to shift the vehicle out of park? If not, keep reading. The shift lock could be on. I know it acts that way on some vehicles. Your 2002 may have an orange lever under the shifter boot (leather flap covering the base of the shifter). If you do have that, try pushing down on it. Then...

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