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    Harbor freight coil spring compressors/ beware!

    It's a nice thought, but a little naive. I thought I was prepared well enough with trail spares, extra fluids, proper rations of food and water for my family. That is until I broke the passenger side lower ball joint 10 miles outside of Moab. Not having a clue who to call, my wife (a few weeks...
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    Hi, I'm a TrailBlazer owner and enthusiast!

    Welcome and enjoy your stay.:thumbsup:
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    Plasti Dip or Body Lift?

    ^^^ X2
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    Something for the fishermen

    Proof of why only trained personnel should handle explosives.... like me.:biggrin:
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    Sold the Chevrolets...

    I love the new SUV, but you say it tows like the Silverado. With the tuned 6.0. I'm sorry, but I have to call bullshit.:biggrin:
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    Got the 2nd bun in the oven!

    Congrats Kyle!!!:wootwoot:
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    My Wreck

    Not this one!! Although I was raised to know there is a time and a place for everything, and this is neither. Glad to hear you all are ok. The truck is just another piece of metal, you can buy another. The same couldn't be said if the outcome for you or your girlfriend were different. :grouphug:
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    XUV axle question...

    Thanks Bill. I figured so but I wanted to be sure before I looked any further into one I found near Denver.
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    XUV axle question...

    Are the XUV rear axles the same size (8.6") as the other extended 360 models, or were they even more of a bastard child? From what I found, there is nothing in relation to this here, the only information refers to the EXT and the XL. Thanks.:thumbsup:
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    Oil Skid Stripped of Paint now what..

    Throw a coat of Rustoleum or Dupli-color on it and call it good. If the skid is on there for reasons other than looks, it's going to get scratched up again. You then will have to go through the process again, instead of just getting under there and giving it a quick spray. :cool:
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    im going to be a daddy !!!!!

    This is 100% correct!! My wife and I are the very proud parents of a four year old and a three month old. I don't know how many times we have heard, "That's not the way we did it with you". In my opinion, it's alright to take pointers, but raise your kid the way that you see fit. You're the one...
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    mods for a 2.9

    5.3L?...or an LS2:salivate:
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    Which radar Detector do you have?

    I had a Cobra in my Z28 that replaced the Whistler that the car came with. I got two speeding tickets with that one. Both were do to a cop turning his radar on at the crest of a hill. In one instance the cop came to my window and said "Well that didn't help you now, did it?". After about a year...
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    You call this a SS Clone?!

    While I do agree 100% with this statement, at the rate GM was putting SS badges on everything there for a while, it's understandable why people think they can throw a badge on something to have something completely different. Anybody remember the Malibu, Impala (1997-later), Cobalt (non-turbo)...
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    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Brought it back home from Cripple Creek where we were at do to fire evacuations. Now time to clean out all of the stuff I packed into it, just in case.

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