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    how to get this tube into the F******ing fitting?

    I recently replaced my cooler lines and the trans connections were a major pita. I left the driveshaft in place and lowered the tail shaft by loosening the crossmember but left the two bolts on the driver side facing up in place but backed out halfway. I was able to access the tubes from...
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    2nd gear slip after service

    @Mounce I had a 2-3 flare around 160K, I changed my separator plate which had a check ball push through the plate. Along with the accumulator pistons and vette servo. How many miles was on that fluid? I'm off to work but will look for that thread. I would use the truck sparingly as this is...
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    Power saw noise

    Just wanted to ask again since I didn't see a reply to my earlier question. If you replaced the front disconnect then no worries, but if not, what happens when you grab the passenger side CV axle and try to move it around at the disconnect? Is the axle solid or does it move around. The vent...
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    Help to identify top end noise

    Just another follow up, this is 3,500 miles from when it was back on the road, 2,400 miles on the 0W-40/15W-50 mix. I will likely change it out at 3,500 miles on this oil. Overall so far so good. The 1,100 mile column shouldn't be there, that was the Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 5W-30 which was...
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    2020 Sierra/Silverdo 1500 DIESEL

    So they will make this engine for about 7 years then use a 5 cyl diesel in the which point the aftermarket will come out with a bunch of mods....:dielaugh:. Sorry....had to...:cool: Does look sweet though.
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    Another fuel injector install aftermath question Yippee!!

    I was using the MX, but went to the "+" to be compatible with IOS. Has very fast refresh rate. This coupled with the Torque Pro app will help to remove a lot of guesswork. Would the bad 02...
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    Another fuel injector install aftermath question Yippee!!

    From what I've been told, the 2005+ has the fuel filter in the tank as part of the pump assembly.
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    Another fuel injector install aftermath question Yippee!!

    Well, a fuel pressure test is definitely needed. Another area that could be a culprit is the oil pressure sending switch. I don't know if the PCM needs a signal from the switch to allow the motor to start, so I'm only guessing. I know some late 80's GM vehicles exhibited a hard start when hot...
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    Another fuel injector install aftermath question Yippee!!

    I agree 100%. We need more info...could be a bad fuel pump, or old plugs/coils. The plugs and coils wouldn't cause a high idle, but a hard start when cold. I don't feel that's the issue though, points more to a fuel issue. @2001ZR2 just went through a very similiar scenario and it was his...
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    Rear Diff Question

    Did any of the non-G80 rears have limited slip? If so that would cause one side to have a good deal of resistance.
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    Engine Monitoring Feedback: Lazy O2 Sensor?

    A popular repair for radiator shops but unless you want to mess with all those tabs, I would just replace the radiator. If the radiator is old then you remove the option of your current radiator loosing it's ability to transfer heat as efficiently as a new one.
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    Engine Monitoring Feedback: Lazy O2 Sensor?

    I wonder if the coolant is low/ has an air pocket? Still showed 195 deg so surely a weird situation.
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    Engine Monitoring Feedback: Lazy O2 Sensor?

    Have you ever changed the coolant temp sensor? If not, always good practice to change with the t-stat.
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    Engine Monitoring Feedback: Lazy O2 Sensor?

    Yeah, I agree. @xavierny25 how old are your spark plugs? Also, your coolant took quite awhile to get over 190. When idling, was your A/C on? Your LTFT while trending positive, your total fuel trim isn't extremely biased towards positive, however still a good push for more fuel. So I would...

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