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    SOLVED! Something broke in shift linkage

    Was able to re-attach the linkage today. This is the kit I used: Dorman 14055 Includes two pieces, this is the piece that is used at the end of the linkage at the trans: I used a light film of lithium grease on the outside to ease installation, and it pressed in easy to this point...
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    SOLVED! Something broke in shift linkage

    The kit I have now (14057) does not come with this bushing here on the right, from kit 14055: I believe that's the correct bushing on the right. The plastic end of the shift cable has a recess on both sides, and the smaller remnant I removed was on the end opposite the trans linkage. I'm...
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    SOLVED! Something broke in shift linkage

    No doubt. I don't want to jinx anything, but the only 2 times where the voy was disabled, was in the driveway. Starter about 5 yrs ago, and the linkage. I picked this up today, for the life of me I cannot get the bushing on the linkage. Found the part# on other forums, maybe 2002 was the odd...
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    SOLVED! Something broke in shift linkage

    Thanks Moose, looks like it's the all too common bushing.
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    SOLVED! Something broke in shift linkage

    Was turning around in driveway, went back and forth a few times, placed in Reverse and backed up, went to place in drive and the shifter went easily into the 1st gear position but stayed in reverse. I placed the shifter in Park and the trans stayed in Reverse. Also, when I tried to take it out...
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    NEED HELP Just put $3k into my 2006 54k mile original TB, it will crank and run dies minute, die, repeat

    Just throwing out some ideas. With only 50ish thousand miles, how long did the vehicle sit before it started having symptoms? I agree it could be a bad fuel quality issue. Not quite a normal occurance, but there's a small chance the station has had the premium fuel in the tank for awhile. Not...
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    Seeking Advice on Parasitic Draw on 09 Envoy SLT 4.2 I-6

    Open your glovebox and immediately check the bulb to see if it's hot. How long after the remote start and/or backup camera was installed did this happen? One thing to check is the hot lead for the backup camera. This could have been wired to the constant hot instead of the switched hot for the...
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    I can't believe I'm sharing this...

    Yessir....but unfortunately most of us end up at that conclusion after a history, short or long, of these stories. OP....looks like you just opened up a thread soon to be full of these stories....very appropriately titled also... :)
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    I can't believe I'm sharing this...

    That reminded me of a similiar event relating to this very same thread. I've installed countless radios and stereo systems in my vehicles and friends' vehicles. When installing the Avic D3 in my Envoy, back in about 2008, I was at it for a good part of the evening into the later hours. I...
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    I can't believe I'm sharing this...

    Hey, at least you caught it. True story, I was changing tires back in the day and was asked to bring a contractor van in to "check brake grind". I pulled the LF tire and stared for a few seconds at the rotor not registering what I was seeing. I've never seen a rotor with a helical pattern on...
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    NEED HELP Replace Control Arms or Just Bushings?

    That's a good idea, but I strongly feel it won't work as intended. It only takes a tenth of a degree to be out of spec, add in worn bushings from the start and you are almost guaranteed to have your alignment out when done. Will it track straight? Possibly. However with the cost of an...
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    What are the normal engine and trans. temp

    No doubt. This is my best friend for the lower alternator bolt. Don't have the part number, but the Snap-On man can get it. If you get backed into the A/C line, just flip the switch....the open end works quick also being stubby.
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    SOLVED! Grinding in the front right.

    Was removing my oil pan. The shaft was a bit stubborn, took a few good pulls to get it free. The sound you're hearing could be resonating from the opposite side....hope so anyway. There are some videos of people removing the front diff up through the front past the A/C compressor with the...
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    The GM Atlas 4.2L LL8 Gerotor Oil Pump Autopsy & Information

    Nice write up @MRRSM . I wanted to mention since I'm running an aftermarket oil temp/pressure gauge, I will see a little over 100 psi at the oil filter housing when reading the inlet side of the oil filter if the temps are cold (around 40 deg or less) and the RPM's are around 4K. I surely...
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    leak after replacing Rach and pinion

    I had my high-pressure lines replaced by the dealer last year. I ended up with a big leak like you described where the lines enter the rack. Turned out the dealer forgot the two small seals.

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