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    Tool Talk

    Napa isn't bad... They are a good compromise between the high dollar Snap On and pure crud like Craftsman. On par with Mac, Matco, and Blue Point for the most part. Another company that I've seen with good compromise quality is K-Tools. Great value with decent performance. I used to carry a...
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    Transmission Cooler line failed

    Drain plugs can be added to any transmission pan by drilling a 1/2" hole then inserting a drain plug kit. There are tons of different ones on the market but all are similar to this...
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    Transmission Fluid - Where do you buy?

    I've found that tapping the face of the plug with a hammer first helps a lot. Don't have to beat it into submission, just a few decent raps then they open right up.
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    Replace front shocks without removing upper ball joint

    I did it like you did. A bit stubborn, but it came apart. I used a blunted chisel (ground it down so it wasn't sharp) to spread the yoke just enough to give it clearance and hit it with PB Blaster before removing. Both came off in minutes.
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    Transmission Cooler line failed

    I lost the transmission on my Trailblazer when that happened. Didn't know until it started slipping... Simple fill and filter change will be sufficient unless you want to flush. You can do that at home by disconnecting the cooler line and pouring in new fluid as it pumps out the line until it...
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    Tool Talk

    When one is a pro, things like rounding off bolts make the difference between a profitable job and working extra hours for free to repair what just should have come apart. Many mechs are paid by the hours published in the repair guides, and if it takes them an extra hour or two to do the job...
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    Steering rack leak

    Any of the above IS possible... Here is another thread on our sister site Off-Road TB: You can just barely see the poppet in this photo. It sits down in the bore. Compare the holes here with your old rack and make sure the replacement...
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    Power steering problem (rack and pressure lines)

    The seals need to be properly installed into the rack, then the lines pushed into the seals. No possible way to install the original style factory seals by placing them on the lines then insert them into the bores in the rack. They will be crushed and will leak. Make sure you are not using...
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    Another AC Puzzle....

    If you have a Big Lots store near you, they have 134a for about $5.50 a can. I just bought a few. They don't show up on their web site, but my local store had some on the shelf.
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    Brake Job Questions

    I've generally painted my rotors with rustoleum or something similar. It lasts for years. No need for specialty paints if one is not racing the vehicle as the calipers never get that hot. I even spray mine while still on the vehicle, but it would be cleaner to do it while they are off (at...
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    Best way to clean chrome wheels?

    I just used this product over the weekend (on aluminum wheels -- it works on chrome) and it did a fantastic job. Looked just like the pictures of the product on Amazon...
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    Transmission Fluid - Where do you buy?

    Amazon, Fleet Farm (or Farm and Fleet), local parts houses, or wherever I can find it when running something other than Amsoil. I've found decent prices on Amazon and I use prime shipping, so that isn't a factor.
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    Tool Talk

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    Tool Talk

    When shopping for decent tools at decent prices consider Snap On's Blue Point line. Blue Point are tools not specifically build by or branded exclusively by Snap On, but they are very high quality and carry the same warranty, service, etc. A few that I highly recommend (and the Blue Point site...
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    Rears, gears, etc....

    Here are a couple of helpful videos: Summit Auto Parts -- How to select a proper gearset Chevy limited slip explained "At home" gear change (this is not a slick professional video, but it is an accurate...

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