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    4WD wobble followed by service 4wd light

    A general code reader only reads ODB2 or possibly abs codes, to see the tccm codes you need a tech 2 or equivalent scan tool. Without knowing what the code is or seeing the data that the tccm is seeing it's at best an educated guess to say for sure what it is. Tccm failures are pretty rare and...
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    97x - Converting AWD to 4WD

    The parts were just the 4wd switch, the t-case control module, front axle disconnect assembly/motor, 4wd encoder motor (the 226 uses an electric brake that the awd 360's didn't have), pigtail plugs for all of the above and the actual transfercase. The wiring was fairly straight forward, had to...
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    Project Thermostat

    In a normal thermostat the wax pellet is submerged in flowing coolant so that it can properly regulate the coolant temp in the engine block. What you have there is a crappy valve in-line that is going to do a horrible job of controlling the temp of the engine since it is nowhere near the engine...
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    97x - Converting AWD to 4WD

    I had done research on this forum as my main concern was if the tccm was going to flag the service 4wd light due to a vin mis-match but it doesn't seem to care/doesn't have any error codes but I was mainly tired of the encoder motors failing on the factory case and also I wanted the option of...
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    97x - Converting AWD to 4WD

    I swapped my 9-7x to use the 226 t-case and it works great. I didn't have to do anything with the bcm, I used a t-case control module from a 226 truck, ran the extra wires needed for the front axle disconnect and the brake on the encoder motor and everything functions as you would expect. The...
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    Transfer case swap/module flashing questions.

    I swapped it to the 226 t-case. I 3d printed a small housing for the mode switch and just attached it to the side of the center console. I may make a more elegant one later but this works for now. I do still need to reset the adapt-ready position as the tccm and t-case were from different...
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    Transfer case swap/module flashing questions.

    Just as a follow-up to this if anyone is looking for info in the future, I was able to swap in a module from a 226 truck, and after adding in the appropriate hardware/wiring for the electric brake in the encoder motor and the motor/feedback sensor for the front axle disconnect the system works...
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    Transfer case swap/module flashing questions.

    So I have a 2007 9-7x with the 5.3 and after tearing up my 3rd encoder motor in less than 2 years (piss-poor design and brittle gears IMO) and being unhappy with not having a 4-HI or 2wd mode anyway have decided to just swap the 126 t-case for a 226 unit. I know the encoder motor is a similar...

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