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    Cat Replacement?

    Are you getting a code set, with a cat failure? If you aren’t, it’s probably a muffler instead of a cat; which is what is wrong with mine.
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    Jokes and Riddles

    Jeff Gordon - Test Drive 2
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    Vortec 4200 build on Hot Rod Garage

    When I originally posted this thread, I didn’t realize that you would have to subscribe to watch it online. The episode is playing on Motor Trend TV right now, if you have cable or Dish TV.
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    Vortec 4200 build on Hot Rod Garage

    I understand, but they can only pack so much in a half-hour program. It would be better if it was longer. With minimal modifications and a turbo, they got over 400 HP on the dynamometer. I look forward to next installment.
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    Vortec 4200 build on Hot Rod Garage

    The guys on Hot Rod Garage are building a couple of 4.2l engines to compare with the Barra (an Aussie) engine. The episode is #40, with an air date of 5/1/2020. Hot Rod Garage is on Motor Trend TV...
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    Supply chain disruptions becoming evident

    I wouldn’t believe any delivery date on Amazon. The stuff that I ordered was supposed to be delivered within a few days. That was three weeks ago and USPS shows that they haven’t received the items yet.
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    Supply chain disruptions becoming evident

    On my previous post (#12), the items that I purchased were being sent through USPS; which seems to be a bad choice now. A few minutes ago, I ordered some parts from Rockauto, they are only using DHL and FedEx. UPS and USPS options are not available.
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    Supply chain disruptions becoming evident

    What I’ve noticed, is some Amazon and EBay purchases, seem to take a lot longer to arrive. Actually when purchased, the ETA was less than a week; which would have been a couple of weeks ago with no idea when they will arrive.
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    Gas prices

    In Cle Elum, Washington, their prices a couple of weeks ago were at $1.699 per gallon, now they are down to $1.259 per gallon.
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    Here's how I am spending my time in quarantine.

    One of the downsides of being retired, everyday is a work day in the shop, unless my wife wants me to take a day off and do something for her. A couple of weeks ago I bought a 1998 K1500. The front seat adjuster wouldn’t work, so I pulled the seat out and took the track all apart. There were...
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    Gas prices

    I filled up in Cle Elum Washington yesterday for $1.699 per gallon. Then I drove down the hill a half mile away and the price was $1.659 per gallon. This was on the return leg of a moving trip. On the first leg, the cheap gas was $2.429 per gallon. The gas in the Seattle area is still about $3...
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    What did you do to your GMT today?

    A couple of days ago, I bought a GMT-400. A 1998 Chevrolet 5.7l 5-speed 4x4 truck. It has 167k miles on it. Today I removed the frontend brush guard and the headache rack; which just aren't me. In the next few days, I'll give it a tune up and a new muffler. I suppose I'll have some questions...
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    SOLVED! Grinding in the front right.

    Several years ago, maybe more than a couple, I had what sounded like a bad wheel bearing. The following thread post #2 is how I solved the problem.
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    How long do you plan on keeping your Trailblazer / Envoy?

    I have 2002 Envoy; which I bought two years ago with 117K miles. I bought it, for what I thought was a fair price $3000. It needed tires, then a couple of months later a transmission rebuild ($3000). Since then it has been a raft of other issues, coil packs (3), water pump, electronic...
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    What did you do to your GMT today?

    After replacing the Envoy catalytic convertor and O2 sensors, during the drive cycle all of the monitors completed, except for the EVAP; which finally reset after about 700 miles. So it is probably in the best shape it has been in since I’ve owned it (2years) and 35K miles.

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