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    Bilstain 5100 and rough country

    I've been wanting to get 1.5" spacers for some time just never been able to pull the trigger. Now I need new tires so now is the time. What are a couple decent brand spacers you would recommend?
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    Make a post, win some snap on tools (We have a winner - congrats Sparky!)

    Thanks MAY03LT for doing this. Snap On tools are top notch.
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    New Here, got a lot of work to do

    Answered my own question. Yes they will work.
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    New Here, got a lot of work to do

    Thanks for the help guys. Ordered them up last Friday. Now I need strut mounts and that brings me to my next question. Will Monroe strut mounts (Part# 904968) from RockAuto fit the Bilstien struts?
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    New Here, got a lot of work to do

    Thanks good to hear that from an experienced user. I was just wondering what Playsinsnow meant when he said you shouldn't have any problems unless you lift or lower. Also I found a good price on ebay for Bilsteins and in the part notes it read: w/0" Lift/Drop. Again that makes me wonder if these...
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    New Here, got a lot of work to do

    What is there to worry about if you lift using Bilstein HD's? I am going to use Marks 2.5in lift and was considering using Bilstein's on the front. The only problem that I can think of would be the strut shaft would over extended with the spacers.
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    What did you park beside? (or parked beside you!)

    At IHOP today. Mine is on the right.
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    LS Guys: Who wants to earn a free Fog Light Bracket kit?

    I would also like to see this project go somewhere with a finished product. I'm sorry to say I can't be of much help being in CA with minimal fabrication skills. I am very interested in purchasing if they do get done since I have been looking for after market brackets and wiring harness for a...
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    strut mount

    Yes curios to know what the noise was, sway bar links or strut mounts?

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