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    Dreaded knock sound is starting

    You, of course, have a different experience of the product. But I know of quite a few folks over the VW forum I frequent who experienced sludge thick enough to choke the oil pump. After the Auto-Rx 2 phase approach and a new CCT their engines were back to good health again. As always, YMMV....
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    Dreaded knock sound is starting

    Whilst we're drinking the snake oil. :biggrin: The Auto-Rx product is not cheap but has a lot of followers.Big on the VeeDub forums where the 1.8T is a big sludge-maker. Auto-Rx Plus Non-Toxic Sludge Remover and Cleaner for Engines and Transmissions
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    Transfer case fill plug seized & head spun out!

    Everyone has mentioned heat. Also, use copious amounts of PB Blaster spray over a period of a few days. Additionally, you can shock the plug by lighly rapping on it with a hammer. Be careful around any aluminum parts. A combination of PB Blaster, heat and a hammer will make even the most...
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    Synthetic oil question and oil change intervals?

    I was always told by my folks not to discuss religion and politics if I wanted to ensure friendly conversations. Good advice, unbless you like to argue and debate for fun. I think we will be telling our kids not to discuss religion, politics and motor oil. :biggrin: Oil has come a long way int...
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    100% gas vs gas with 10% ethanol

    Ethanol in gas is the devil incarnate..!! 100% gas is less harmful on the engine and fuel systems. 100% gas is more efficient as well. I would buy it if I could get it, but where i live there's nothing in a large radius from me. I'm a motorcycle guy, and Ethanol is giving the powersports...
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    The Song Game - Title n Artist

    About a Girl - Nirvana
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    The Song Game - Title n Artist

    Big Time - Peter Gabriel
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    Pure Gem Detailing Before and After Photos

    Mod away....there's always new trouble to get into at 5..!! :biggrin:
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    Synthetic oil question and oil change intervals?

    I have a friend over on another forum, who has only used Castrol GTX in his motorcycle. The bike is well over 275,000 miles and running strong. Larger normally aspirated engines like the I6 seem just fine on dino and blends, but the move the new movement towards Eco Boost engines (nice sales...
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    Tearing the front suspension apart this weekend

    Congrats on getting the job done. :thumbsup: I have a question for the this 'official' jacking points for a TB for this kind of work..?? I only ask because I tend to use the cut-outs in the frame, the ones that roughly line up with the leading edge of the front doors.
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    A Jersey Gal with an 02 Trailblazer named Truck

    Oh no....more Jeep bashing. My wife owns the TB and I have a (:rolleyes:....lifted) Jeep. Welcome....
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    so who still uses the old site?

    Not on purpose....but they were the only site that came up with useful info on google when I was searching for my problem with trailer lights. Turns out I had the Fuse #42 issue. Tried this site first, but nada. I did see Kelly's ad on their main page.
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    Might need a new engine...

    That's the REALLY easy part. Follow the 2 metal lines back all the way until they end in the transmission housing. Now, imagine removing those connections blind and with very limited space to work in. Did this job just a few months ago and it's not quick, easy or fun. And pray that the...
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    Post Your Cargo Area - No Cleaning Edition!

    You guys are so clean. I would be too ashamed to post pictures; I might have the TB taken away on grounds of abuse..!! With 4 kids (one of them a messy 3 yr old to boot), a dog and a wife who never cleans the thing it looks pretty horrible most of the time. We have just moved house this weekend...
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    Paint Chip/Rust Fix?

    That's great if that's the case. Just sand/rub lightly to remove all signs of rust. If you get to bare metal use a rust killer, otherwise, you can simply clean the area and paint. A tocuh-up brush is probably the easist, preferably a base color coat and a clear top coat.

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