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    Rotating noise coming behind from dash area. What is it?

    Funny my 03 is making the exact same noise only it comes and goes, at least now I know what to look at
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    Rear end gearing

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    Rear end gearing

    Thank you
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    Rear end gearing

    What's the best way to determine or find out what gearing I have, it's an 03 ltz with a towing package if that helps at all,
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    Diy 50" light bar mounts

    So had some spare time and made some light bar brackets for a 50" curved light bar I bought and after experimenting with different locations I decided to mount them on the door pillars behind the window trim as I wanted the light to sit low on the windshield mostly for a cleaner look and to...
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    Mounting an LED bar

    I made these today for a 50" curved bar I had, still have to paint and mount the switch but if anyone likes them I'll have the template available and some quick bending instructions
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    Headlight Lens Cleaning

    I tried different lense cleaners that all worked temporarily and the lenses would just yellow back up after a short time so for under a 100.00 dollars you can get nice replacement lights with new bulbs that look great, Wich is what I did.
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    My fogs don't stay on when I kick on the highs, I just need them turned on for it to go into quad mode when the highs are engaged, they will go off and the lows will stay on with the high beams
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    So I don't know if this is common knowledge or just a perk of the 2003, but I've seen post for a quad light up grade but on my truck if you turn on the fog lights with the low beams when you hit the high beams the lows will stay on with no additional work. Of course if you don't have fog lights...
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    tahoe 5100 springs

    does any one know the correct p/n for the 5100 tahoe springs. I got the impression from reading threads that there are a couple different lengths and can you get it in a variable rate spring.
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    NEED HELP Automatic climate control

    Not familiar with an air gap shim, is it behind the clutch
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    NEED HELP Automatic climate control

    All my driving is at highway conditions, going to work in the afternoons when it runs for about 15 minutes coming home at midnight it runs untill I get home which is about 45 minutes, they put the gauges on it at work and said the high and low were fine, just frustrating that it works great when...
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    NEED HELP Automatic climate control

    So I can't find a lot of info on my problem, most of it doesn't apply. My a/c works find when the outside temp is in the 70s bit will work for only 10 to 20 minutes when it's above 80, the out side temp reads correctly, the little fan need my ear appears to be functioning, my freon press reads...
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    NEED HELP Wheel spacers

    So after getting the wheel spacers and much research trying to find both a wheel that I liked and would fit so this is what I'm going with, they are Icon dynamic wheels

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