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    NEED HELP Warning lights and stuck key

    "programmed to the vehicle"?! I'm sure there are some vehicles out there now that need that, but not ours. Either that person was not looking at your specific vehicle completely and just being a generalist, or was talking a line. Plenty of threads in here regarding changing out your ignition...
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    What are you doing today? [Part II]

    Finally got the gas turned back on at my aunt's house, after two other visits to fix a clogged gutter and coordinate plumbers (to install gas shut off valves in her 1972 era house so I could *get* the gas turned back on in the first place). Got the heat and water heater going, then tackled the...
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    What did you do to your GMT today? [Part II]

    Repaired taillights. I had replaced them last January because one was faded and got me a comment by the safety inspector about how orange it was rather than red. Turned out that one was the original lens, and the red one was a replacement that was on the truck when I bought it. Said the heck...
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    Craigslist morons

    I like the tape holding the headlight assembly to the beat up fender. I'm sure that's well aligned...
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    Transmission Line leak at the wheel well head clamp... temporary fix?

    I know what you mean about the cold cement, even here in northern VA... And if I put on enough layers, then I can't move around and reach where I need to reach. Unless they changed the hose routing at some point (mine's an '04), my transmission lines run up the passenger's side of the engine...
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    Transmission Line leak at the wheel well head clamp... temporary fix?

    When my power steering lines gave out, I was able to use compression fittings to temporarily patch them until I could get replacement pipes. Just make sure you get the high pressure compression fittings for that high pressure line. I *think* mine were rated for 3000 psi, but I'll have to find...
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    The Friendly Face of Linux

    Hmm... Yeah, that CPU should have no problem running 64 bit. The m78's are up to about bios 9ZKT54A, which is a few years newer than what yours is showing, but you'd probably want to verify that by the specific machine number. How much memory are you running? I didn't see it in the grabs...
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    The Friendly Face of Linux

    C-ya, what processor and system board are you running in that desktop? I have an old Core-2 Duo HP laptop that originally had XP on it that I can run 64 bit Mint 20 on. Oh...and does it have the latest bios on it? I had another slightly newer HP that I tried Mint 20 on, and it wouldn't...
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    Manic Monday

    If the scanner won't light up, check fuse 13 (CIG). That passes power for the OBDII port and cigarette lighter. Hopefully that will get your scanner working so you can diagnose the rest. EDIT: That's the under hood fuse box, btw...
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    fan clutch and ecm tune questions

    If yours has the SAIS (Sorry, I can't remember off hand which did or did 04 did), have the codes for that removed as well. That way, you can remove the pump and solenoid, then block off the solenoid port. One less potential leak and circuit to worry about. Cheers- Chris
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    NEED HELP Right brake light not working

    How does your connector to that right tail assembly look? When I got my TB, one of the tail light circuit boards had been replaced, but the other had not. Then the brake light failed on that side. Turned out that the connector had been damaged, probably by that original circuit board. One of...
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    Persistent p0172 and p0175

    Hmm..could you post some images of those leak locations? I'm running the 4.2, so hopefully one of the members with the 5.3 can help nail that down.
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    Heated seats. No heat on the cushion

    Seconding Mooseman's suggestions above. My TB has one seat that doesn't work, and one back that doesn't work. It was like that when I got it, so those heaters had failed by 64-67K miles. Both were pinch point failures, and based on the condition of the passenger's seat, it hadn't been used...
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    NEED HELP Multiple codes

    When I had water in my SAIS pump, it was because the solenoid controlled valve up on the engine was not sealing properly. That leaves you with an exhaust leak that can affect other parts of the emission system. I eventually had the SAIS deleted with a tune, blocked off the port on the engine...
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    NEED HELP Purge Valve Leak and Engine Grounds

    Unless you applied voltage to it, don't assume it has failed. You say there's lots of oil *on* it, but what about *in* it, like just inside the connectors? If you don't see any oil there, odds are that the actual source of the oil is external, and there's nothing wrong with that valve...
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