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    What did you do to your GMT today? [Part II]

    Cleaned out the sun roof drains and mostly dried out the soaked passenger's side carpeting. Blockage was about a foot and a half down the drain hose, based on how much trimmer string I shoved in to it before I had water coming out the bottom of the hose in the door jamb. Got some funny looks...
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    Sun Roof drain holes

    I just finished repairing a portable air tank, so if I can't get a wire or piece of trimmer string down it this is another option. :) It's pouring here at the moment. Might have to stock up on paper towels, too...
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    Sun Roof drain holes

    Thanks for this, @Mooseman! I opened up my truck today and discovered a soaking wet passenger's front footwell, and it *doesn't* smell like coolant, so looks like a little drain cleaning is on my agenda for the end of this week. Considering I may end up quarantined thanks to a co-worker...
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    Covid Hit Home this Month

    Really sorry to hear that. :( My deepest condolences to you and your family on your loss.
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    Craigslist, Marketplace, Kijiji morons

    Hey, you can use that wood stove to burn that other guy's nail wood! ;)
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    Water Damage

    When you say some of the chips are blue, do you mean corrosion? Or does it appear to be more of a plastic or epoxy coating? Maybe get some images posted up?
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    Water Damage

    Glad the oil and trans fluid appear good, and the truck still tries to run! That at least sounds like your engine didn't suck water. Next thing would be to figure out why the CEL is on. I suspect the reason your mechanic couldn't get a scanner reading is because your OBD port is dead. Check...
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    WANTED Prop Rod Support

    Ah...understood. I think Mooseman had the same impression I did, and his suggestion is going to be the most likely source anyway, but I'll keep my eyes open, and maybe someone else here in GMTN has one they can spare. Cheers- Chris
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    WANTED Prop Rod Support

    fleaBay has a possibility: Dorman makes a "Help" pack with a bunch of various ones as well, but I'm not finding the stupid part number for that pack just now. I'll keep looking... There's this one as well, but I wish people would put some real pictures...
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    Not firing

    Most likely suspect is the ignition switch. Fairly easy fix, and relatively inexpensive, but if you do this, make sure it's an AC Delco switch, and definitely don't get Dorman. Is it cranking and just not firing? If it's not cranking, ignition switch or starter/starter relay circuit need to...
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    What am I doing wrong? (Hub removal...)

    My rubbing issue was a combination of the dust shield being a little bent (from me being ham-handed), and the slight wobble from the hub before I cleaned it. It was a very light sound that I only heard on turning, so I couldn't duplicate it when I had the truck up on stands. I think it was...
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    What am I doing wrong? (Hub removal...)

    ^^This...definitely! I forgot to do mine initially because I was in a rush, and had to take it all back apart. Before I cleaned it, it seemed like it cranked down OK, but I had a slight wobble/rub going on that I hadn't had before. Took it back apart and cleaned the spindle face, and all...
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    What am I doing wrong? (Hub removal...)

    When I did mine, I tapped the triangular mounting flange slightly sideways with a drift punch. That broke the rust seal enough for it to start popping out. I suspect what you're feeling as far as the cranking effort easing off is the axle shaft spindle being pushed back, as that's the path of...
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    Weird issue with turn signal.

    Also, what year is yours? At least 2004 and older had the recall/TSB (I can't remember which) for bad taillight circuit boards. I had to replace both of mine not long after I got it because it would burn out bulbs constantly, and did at least once cause a short between the regular tail and the...
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    What came in your mail today?

    Yet another new toy... Now if my real job and life in general would stop interrupting me so I can play with the tech II and get this 3d printer assembled, calibrated and printing. ;)

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