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    No crank no start! Help!

    One other quick question...this truck doesn't have any sort of aftermarket alarm/security system in it, does it? Just want to eliminate that possibility, and didn't see a mention earlier. Good Luck! Chris
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    NEED HELP P1860 and other codes

    How many full drive cycles did you do in those 200 miles? Some codes only reset after 3-5 full drive cycles even if you've seemed to clear them off the scanner.
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    Transmission works again after shutting engine off

    When my cooler lines blew out, my trans acted similarly due to low fluid after I had fixed the leak, until I got the levels right. Five quarts after a pan drop and filter change is kind of a ball park figure, not exact. Hopefully it will behave better now that you have more fluid in it. Good...
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    NEED HELP P1860 and other codes

    Hmm...yeah, looks like there's a retainer clip missing from that. Hopefully that solves it once you get it tightened back up! My SAIS pump would fill up with water as well. When the original died, I dumped nothing but rusty sludge out of it. When the second one had enough water in it to...
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    SOLVED! Something broke in shift linkage

    Seconding what Mounce said. When mine broke, I had to push in the rim of the new bushing (with the aforementioned pocket screwdriver) to get it to go through the shift cable hole. Once I popped it through I had to then press it back out so it could snap over the pin on the shift arm. Loads of...
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    NEED HELP P1860 and other codes

    I had a P0410 when my air pump check valve was leaking. That was also causing water to accumulate in the hoses and killed the air pump itself. Glad the other codes cleared up, but you might need to check the grounds inside the cab and see if they've gotten corroded from the moisture. Good...
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    re learn???

    Heh...yeah, too bad I didn't see that thread until after my response here. :)
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    re learn???

    Was the truck actually running before you replaced all these parts? As budwich said, go back to basics. When you turn the key to Run, do you hear the fuel pump prime up for about 2 seconds? You might need to have someone back by the fuel tank to hear it. If you don't hear that, the the...
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    Saab 97x 5.3i V8 slight rev RPM around 30mph-60mph

    How does the transmission fluid look and smell? If it's brown/watery/burnt, a fluid and filter change could make it behave better, but yes, it's still possible that materials suspended in the old fluid will help it maintain friction when needed. What often messes up high mileage transmissions...
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    Saab 97x 5.3i V8 slight rev RPM around 30mph-60mph

    Changing the transmission fluid and filter should be done. It's the powered flushes that seem like they cause the most issues on higher mileage transmissions. Sounds like you have a bit more going on with that Saab, but that mileage means you're coming up on what should be it's *second*...
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    Windshield washer

    Glad you and your family are OK! My trans cooler lines corroded awhile back, but luckily just started to seep rather than breaking and spraying. New lines from Rock Auto weren't that bad costwise. I got the little low profile disconnect tool for the pipe connections. That tool and dropping...
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    NEED HELP Evap Large Leak

    Did they actually give you the code #? There are also some valves that could potentially lead to a problem, though if those fail outright they usually throw their own code. Possibly one of them is leaking at a connector, but still talking to the PCM properly. Did you use an AC Delco cap? I...
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    ABS Light On after repairs

    The only other thing you might have to consider (if the sensor is broken off) is that material working its way down in to the tone ring in the hub. If you can take the time, a friend of mine once broke his off and ended up taking a bamboo skewer with a blob of JB Weld on it (small enough blob...
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    What day/month is it ?

    They actually saw a brief spit of snowflakes over by Dulles Airport here in northern Virginia. Didn't even count as a flurry, but still... It was a disappointing winter, but now doesn't seem to know when to quit. @northcreek, it's at least pretty, while it lasts, and yeah, I think Sam...
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    Use, Fix, or Trash

    That gouge, I'd just make sure it didn't have a burr that was above the plane of the seat, but it doesn't look like it extends through the entire seating surface. As long as it's smooth, I'd re-use it. Can't really see what you're referring to in the other images. Run your test, see if it...

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