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    Guess The Next Poster II

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    What are you doing today?

    They were on 2007-2009 LT models if I recall.
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    What are you doing today?

    Scored some free 18" slicks, we'll be putting a line lock in soon. Already know what tires I'm using for the fronts to match the slick's diameter. @xavierny25 you'll be happy to know, your wheels will be my dedicated drag pack 🆒
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    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Replaced coil pack #3, removed a screw in my back tire and plugged the hole.
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    FOR SALE Low mile, well equipped 97x at Ebay Motors

    Look at the dealer page in "see full item description". Rear end is sagging like it's a hoopty Lincoln Towncar :laugh:
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    4200 cams - Bullet cams

    If only I had some money saved up :frown:
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    Abandoned, 2007 Envoy 4.2 Turbo Build

    Lol, guess everyone will have to wait for both of us to get back on the horse in the future.
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    Power Steering

    You said you were getting a small press soon, good time to get one lol. You'd need it for the pulley.
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    Power Steering

    You can replace just the pump, they don't sell a complete unit. You could, get on from a pull-a-part if you didn't want to go about the trouble of removing the pump,, but that's a gamble as always with stuff from a yard.
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    Truck Night in America

    Too bad I can't find any vids online, i'd like too see this.
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    The Garbage Truck

    That's the IAT sensor, '04 didn't have a MAF.
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    What are you doing today?

    Spent the day at @RevHardGarage 's shop 🆒 Always good to see you buddy! 2-step ftw I can tell you what hasn't arrived. That damn Delphi knock sensor from Rockauto. Expected arrival was the 14 th and the tracking number link is a dead url. Tomorrow I will ensure it was not forwarded to the...
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    Word Association Game II

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    Pics from the Eyes of the Driver

    You know what I meant 360/370.

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