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    What came in your mail today?

    Lotsa goodies showed up today. Bought a used pressure washer from a buddy for $50, and want to be better equipped to wash the truck at home, and not have to go to one of those DIY stalls to blow stacks of quarters. :hopeless: 50' expanding hose, came with a mounting hook, and a multi-select...
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    NEED HELP LED Headlamps and DRL Circuits

    I think this is the closest anyone here has come to doing what you're looking to do, keeping stock hardware.
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    Washer pump fuses.

    It's been a while since I messed with those to remember which is which. If you get fluid out of the rear, you could swap the lines as a temporary fix if you're in a pinch. Are you able to get the connector off, and test if there's power getting to the pump when the switch is activated?
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    Washer pump fuses.

    Edit: Nevermind, I misread your first post. Fuse #9 in the front block, is for the windshield washers.
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    FYI - Saab 9-7x 'Rebuild' ep. - 2 Guys Garage (Motor Trend / Velocity)

    Turns out, it was the same episode I saw before lol
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    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Got up this morning to do some tinkering. Disconnected both of the camera cables to ohm them out. The line on the newer camera tested open, the one on the older camera gave readings all over the place. :undecided: Found a long single RCA cable in my box, and tossed it in with the old camera...
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    FYI - Saab 9-7x 'Rebuild' ep. - 2 Guys Garage (Motor Trend / Velocity)

    :undecided: I think I caught some of the first part of this build last weekend.
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    What came in your mail today?

    If they're the Redline ones, for your XUV, be mindful the mounting location in the instructions will have your hood opening a bit lower than with the stock prop rod, so adjust accordingly.
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    SOLVED! Pieced together 3” Body Lift - what I learned

    Nice write up, and great work here!
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    SOLVED! Strange OBD2 Port Issues

    :confused: Pulling the headlight relay fixed the OBDII issue? That's a new one on me! Glad you were able to get it solved.
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    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Last night, tore my dash apart again, to mess with my radio, troubleshooting why my RCA cameras aren't working. Had previously disconnected the cameras at the rear of the truck, plugged them into my laptop and got a good picture. So assumed the HU was at fault. This time, pulled the...
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    NEED HELP REP and No Start

    You should be able to turn off the low beams, or DRLs by turning the switch to the left of "auto". Could you take a pic of your switch, just for my own curiosity? Turning the switch 2 clicks to the right should turn the low beams on, when they are off. So I assume, with someone looking at the...
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    What did you do to your GMT today?

    I assume you mean ramps? :laugh:
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    Tool Talk

    In other news... Replacing that O-ring on my jack didn't solve my leaky valve issue. I opened the valve slightly when grabbing the handle to move the jack the other day. Went to move it this morning before leaving for work, and again there was a tiny puddle under it. :hissyfit: I know...
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    What are you doing today?

    Decided today was going to involve some good old fashioned R&R. So loaded up the EXT and headed out to the beach. Temps were more moderate than they have been, but not as far of a drop as the rest of the country. It was nice not to sweat for a change. Lots of beach newbies were out today...

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