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    Something broke in shift linkage

    You got the remnants of the old bushing drilled out completely? That looks like the kit that comes with the transmission side bushing as well as the gear shift lever one (I had to replace that one too). If you've got the time, may be worth checking that one too.
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    Something broke in shift linkage

    At least you were fortunate enough to have this happen when you were at home, and not out somewhere.
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    What are you doing today?

    Climbed up in the attic this morning before it got hot, to do a little recon for my re-wiring project. The gap between the roof, and the vaulted ceiling, is smaller than I remembered it being. I told one of my buddies last weekend, that I might need his help to tag team this project, but...
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    Steering controls on Android HU

    :undecided: I wonder if one of those little USB hubs would work for increasing your usable number of ports?
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    Steering controls on Android HU

    From what I've seen, you need to find a USB dashcam that works with an Android HU. There are options out there. They'll generally have an app in the onboard storage, that you install on the HU to run it, and need to add an SD card to the camera to store the video clips. My HU was a bundle...
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    Complete system overhaul

    Nice work on the new setup. I'd love to have a custom box, that would be a better fit for behind my seats. Give me a bit more usable cargo room to work with, without having to (re)move it when I've got larger items to put back there. That pic reminds me I need to repaint the under hood...
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    Random Videos

    This morning, the recycling guys had a brain fart. After one of the guys moved the bins from across the street to my side for easy pick up, the driver just pushed my bin back instead of emptying it, the guy on the street didn't notice, and off they went. :duh: Luckily I had my cameras up...
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    I want to spruce up the interior

    There was a write up on Trailvoy, where a guy reupholstered his door panels with suede, and showed how to remove the insert section to do it. Since they've changed their format, I don't know where that article went, and the site specific search isn't giving me anything.
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    I want to spruce up the interior

    Here's a video from one of our former members, repairing the seat panel. My drivers door also has the insert section coming loose. I haven't decided on how to tackle that one yet. The door handle trim pieces can be painted, just be careful not to snap off the tabs when removing them.
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    What are you doing today?

    I was thinking that too, but not sure how much of a pain that would be when there's snow on the ground.
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    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Funny you mention that, we had to fix that very switch some years ago when his midgate stopped releasing even though the window was down. We ended up epoxying the base in addition to a zip tie. Guess we'll see how that repair has held up.
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    VXDIAG Tech2 Emulator?

    One of our former members told me he was gonna get one of these. I keep bugging him every few months about it, cuz I'm sure I have many of the same questions you do. He's been slacking though, and hasn't pulled the trigger yet. :hissyfit:
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    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Buddy of mine brought his XUV over for part 1 of gate repairs. Both the midgate and endgate regulators have snapped, today we did the end gate. That part failure caused a whole bunch of other issues, the gate would not swing or drop open, and you couldn't open the roof either. That was...
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    What came in your mail today?

    Decided to satisfy my deep dish cravings, and since I can't drive to Orlando for the fresh baked stuff, had 2 pepperoni, 2 spinach and 2 sausage pies shipped. :2thumbsup:
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    SOLVED! 2002 TB PCM bad 5v to tranny sensor

    If the one you got solved your problem, there's no real reason to spend 5x as much money on another one IMO

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