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    Make sure whatever you use is Grade 8. Some big box home improvement stores sell Grade 8.
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    NEED HELP Cruise Control (Electrical issue)

    I've had a misfire code disable the cruise.
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    Oil Change Question

    OP - Where do you live? If you live in a cold climate, I would get that 10W-30 out of there before the weather gets cold. Probably be okay for the summer months.
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    Exhaust Manifold Replacment - input requested

    Dunno if you still have any broken off bolts that are sticking out of the head. If so, get yourself an Irwin 5/16-8mm bolt extractor. It works like butter. I bought a set several years ago when tackling this job based on a recommendation from another member. Think I removed three...
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    Which spark plugs do we like again?

    Don't buy them from Amazon. They sell counterfeit 41-103's. I had two sets wear out in 10,000 miles (and took a set of coil packs with them).
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    SOLVED! Grinding in the front right.

    Yes. Not a lot, but some. More than what you want to try to soak up with towels. Use a catch pan.
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    SOLVED! Grinding in the front right.

    There's nothing holding that gear into the housing other than the circlip on the end of the CV shaft. IIRCC, there's a thrust washer under there, but that's it. You could try prying up on the gear (carefully) with a flathead screwdriver or something. Your idea of using a puller would work...
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    SOLVED! Grinding in the front right.

    Think there's a procedure on this site somewhere for setting up jack bolts to get a stuck disco off the oil pan. Or, you could try taking the rest of the bolts out of the disconnect. That would allow the case to split, with half the case going with the CV shaft and half staying welded to the...
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    Updated ignition switch info and operation

    I'm on ignition switch number 5 in my truck, but I haven't had to change it since about 2009 so they definitely fixed the problem. It was changed almost yearly either under warranty or by me for the first five years I had the truck. I'm almost sure the one I have in there now has the gray...
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    Broken outer tie rod end

    I can't take 100% credit. It's a combination of something I saw on YouTube and how we aligned industrial equipment at a place I used to work.
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    Broken outer tie rod end

    Don't use an AC Delco Advantage. I used one a few years ago. The rubber boot disintegrated inside of a few months. An AC Delco Professional or OEM is probably okay. I've installed Moog's in both positions. Working well so far. You can do a rudimentary alignment with two jack stands...
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    SOLVED! Grinding in the front right.

    I've had a couple Timken hubs that I installed on my truck fail over the years. I went with a Moog for the last one I did. Right now, I have a Timken on one side and a Moog on the other. The Timken's I installed didn't go anywhere close to 100,000 miles. The Moog has about 25,000 miles...
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    "Service 4WD" after front disconnect install

    That was me. The actuator that came with my aftermarket disco did fail almost immediately. Just like gmcman, it failed in the extended position. It did cause a "Service 4WD" light when anything but 2WD was selected - even though it failed in 4WD mode (extended plunger should engage the...
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    SOLVED! Grinding in the front right.

    Chances are really good. I just went through this issue with my TB. I too thought it was the wheel bearing. Actually bought one to install. As soon as I got the wheel off, and started disassembly, the real problem was evident. Grab the inner tripot of the CV shaft and try to shake it up...
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    How long do you plan on keeping your Trailblazer / Envoy?

    I have an '03 with 215,000 miles. It's going to need tires in about a year. That's when I think I'll call it quits. It will be 18 years old with around 230,000 miles.

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