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    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Mooseman thought the 4600 vs the 5100 was the 5100 could be adjusted for lifted truck so were your 4600 worn out?
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    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Pried the keys out my youngest son's hand and drove his truck to fill it up. Topped off the tire pressures and checked the fluids. He'll be handed windshield washer fluid before he leaves. I did notice the 4.2L engine clatters when cold by clatters it sounds like my old camaro with solid...
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    What did you do to your GMT today?

    I checked the tire pressures, filled up and added a quart of oil to wife's Envoy. Also added a gallon of windshield washer fluid.
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    Replace 4 Ball Joints, 2 Tie Rods and 2 Stabilizer Links

    I would use a BFG and chisel to tab the tabs up. I hate the complete control arms. I bought Moog ones for my wife Envoy Denali and sent them back. I received the same one in two different boxes. I spoke Moog about and confirmed it. I asked what the part number was for ball joint and was told...
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    NEED HELP Upper control arm bolts coming loose ?

    If the upper control arms are that bad the rest of front end can't be in great shape. I've rebuilt two of these so it can't be that hard 🤔. I would check the LCA, ball joints and tie rods. They can be pretty bad and the truck drives fine.
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    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Got my wife's truck back last will fill up and wash today so she drive to Arrowhead to work the Chiefs. No she's not the back up quarterback but works managing concessions.
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    What did you do to your GMT today?

    My wife had the day off yesterday so I took her Envoy Denali in for transmission service. We are adding a tranny cooler in series with the stock one. We've had the truck for 2 1/2 years and 26k miles. So it was time to establish a baseline and have my mechanic look at the transmission. Been...
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    Another fuel injector install aftermath question Yippee!!

    The sensor on the manifold is the MAP sensor and if you don't have a MAF this is one of the ways the truck calculates the fuel trim if I recall correctly. There is no fuel filter external to the tank on a 2005 Trailblazer which I have. Check the fuel pressure mine ran just fine on 38 psig...
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    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Successfully moved my son 4 hours away to college yesterday and he got 17.4 mpg on the drive up. Just goes to show what a trans cooler, trans service, new plugs and 2 new coils, new air filter, new map sensor, new IAC sensor, new exhaust manifold, new engine mounts and front O2 can do when...
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    NEED HELP Chasing Gremlins?

    Can I ask a question? Who did the wiring for sub woofer and amp initially? You seem savvy on the electrical area but if someone clipped a wire or connected where they shouldn't it can cause chaos. I haven't learned as I have two blazers with that type of wiring and have had the wires arc.
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    NEED HELP 1999 Suburban Leaking Coolant from Rear...

    Actually they make repair kits for the rear coolant lines, I add to put them in my 97 suburban. see if Dorman 800-401 will help with the repair. Edit correct number for Dorman part
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    SOLVED! Higher LTFT at idle and higher at rpms

    OK this one is solved. It was the fuel pump. I got the new one in and ran the truck thru it's paces. Idle never changed from 650 rpm, the LTFT was negative for the most part but never above 1% and STFT swings were much lower about +/- 8%. I think the intake gaskets were leaking a little bit...
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    Fuel pump won't fit thru opening of tank

    Good Advice Maverick6587 but I covered the openings and hit with the after using a broom to remove the loose stuff. I did this before I opened the fuel pump opening
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    Fuel pump won't fit thru opening of tank

    I got help from the mechanic I use when something is over my head or there is a time issue. He said that it appeared swollen and was the worst he's seen. He was able to get it out in minutes and grateful the tank was drained. Now waiting on Amazon for new fuel pump Maverick6587 Those tabs...
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    Fuel pump won't fit thru opening of tank

    Both of his pumps had a smaller diameter reservoir. I am having getting pump past the throat. What I suspect is someone replaced the pump and it wasn't the correct one. Or my old eyes aren't seeing the original sealing ring but I did pull off a green o ring

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