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ANNOUNCEMENT Yes, the site is slow, it is not just you

  1. Hey everyone,

    I'm sure you've noticed the website speed brings back memories of 1999 and dialup internet. No, it isn't your connection or anything like that, it is the site. There are issues with the web host that also extend to email notifications right now as well. I think the two problems are related somehow as both seem to have started around the same time.

    Site admins are aware, web host knows there's been some troubles recently, so hopefully it can get fixed soon.

    Sorry for the troubles.
  2. You just don't want to admit I broke it.
  3. We've been experiencing some server-wide problems these past few weeks, and they appear to be getting worse. I'm sorry for the slowness. The staff has been doing their best to alert me of these problems and I address them as quickly as I can. We are working to address and resolve the issues.

    Thank you
  4. It is Sparky's fault. He was licking on some wires and got a lil shock and now it is just slow, but his Don King hair is pretty sweet.
  5. Jimmy kicked the server with the steel toed boot and seems to have smartened up. All good now.
  6. Sometimes a bit of aggression will fix things
  7. We all know you did. I was just trying to be nice.

    Hey shush! I'm trying to shift the blame to Paul!
  8. Maybe it didn't like the fact that gmtnation.com finally showed up in a google search for me.

  9. Well that's a good thing :biggrin:
    Also, the site has seemed to be running at normal speed for a while, so whoever kicked the server again, thanks!
  10. This is just an observation ...and NOT a complaint...about the Server Response Time issue. I have noticed that lately... Much of the internal activities of GMT NATION seem to be getting routed externally to some function tied into Amazon.com that looks like they have added an Image and Text Activity Analysis Algorithm to their Analytic Site Studies.

    What it seems to be doing is actually reading all the texts in each and every posting for marketing and sales tags and also actually viewing each and every image associated with each post to determine what products are either being discussed or used. If you watch the 'mini-url' updates in real time at the lower left hand corner ... you can actually see these actions taken place as the URL references tied to Amazon move from one site to another while counting all of these data up.

    If this is what is happening...essentially...the mechanism is behaving like a Marketing Trojan Horse and taking precedence for the data they want to collect...over the actions that would quickly refresh the GMT Server activity. These two functions conflict if this is the case...with the posting or reading activities taking a back seat to their activities.
  11. That does not really seem to be the case. There are other issues happening in the background that seem to be causing a good portion of it.
  12. Amazon is a host of some of the stuff (images I believe), it isn't trojan malware or anything like that. That's not where the delay has been anyway, from what I've been able to gather.