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FOR SALE Maintained Lifted Tuned Xuv

Discussion in 'For Sale: Vehicles' started by Nexus1155, Apr 15, 2017.

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  1. Nexus1155

    Nexus1155 Well-Known Member

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    Hey guys just wanted to give someone the chance. You can search my threads for big bertha. We are getting a Ford Explorer 3.5l ecoboost. As much as i want to keep the xuv it just is hitting the 10year 120k mark that is scary. It is a great truck! Upgraded sound. Lifted. All maint done and complete front end replaced along with fluid services. Custom 4200 vortec tune with efan and controller install. Don't want it to go to auction so toss me a reasonable offer. I live in Boston and it can be seen any day of the week. *quick phone post will refine later*

    Don't worry I'll still lurk.
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