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FOR SALE '04 TB 4X4 LT, Magnetic Red/Gray Leather, Central Jersey

Discussion in 'For Sale: Vehicles' started by gmtofd, Jul 6, 2017.

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    Cosmetically, this TB is a better than average a little patina at the driver's side seating surface, the paint is excellent, been meticulously maintained for the 6 years we owned it, trans screen replaced every year. Trans was rebuilt at 104k. Despite use of Mobil 1 it's 4.2 has a knock, # 2 cyl has 80# so it's up for sale for $1,750. Within the past 2 years, the radio was reconditioned as was the gauge cluster, new Monroe strut/spring assemblies, rear springs/shocks, brakes 70 tread left on BGR Long trail tires.

    Thanks for looking

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