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Thread: Free Alignment check - firestone

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    Free Alignment check - firestone

    Free alignment check printable coupon for yourself or your family by Firestone.


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    sweet man thanks cant hurt to get it looked at for free
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    Be a bit cautious. Many (not all) Firestone locations have HORRIBLE Yelp reviews. It all depends on the manager. But the corporate culture seems to downplay the value of repeat customer loyalty.

    The scariest stories are from owners who took the vehicles in for an alignment or this sort of free inspection, the tech finds something wrong (justified or not, you can't tell or else you wouldn't be taking it to a chain), and then they claim it's UNSAFE TO DRIVE OUT WITH and they threaten to call the police if you insist on taking your own vehicle elsewhere for a second opinion.

    Of all the chains, Firestone seems to be the worst in this regard. Not everything you read on the net is true, but there's usually no such thing as a "free" inspection where they won't be looking with a fine tooth comb for something they can upsell you on.

    Do the research and know ahead of time if your local Firestone is one of the good ones or one of the crooked ones. That's all I'm sayin'.

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    Very good point Bill, make sure you know that your truck is in good shape before you take it in. If they say it needs an alignment and you've never had it done before, good chance it does.

    That said, I have Firestone's lifetime alignment on my 02 TB, 08 SS, and my brother has it on his 08 Jetta. Had my SS done twice since August, my brother's had the 02 done 3-4 times because I need to flip the UCAs back and see if its better off haha. $129.99 on certain weekends and $149.99 the rest of the time, after the 2nd one it pays for itself!
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    Firestone by my house are great and in-tuned to my demands :Biggrin:

    They know I want Pre and post alignment print outs. I want rotation and balancing post to the alignment.

    I too have lifetime alignment on all my cars.



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